‘Manifest’ 4×04-4×06: We are having all the feels

Season 3 of Manifest is getting intense!

Are you ready to hear all my thoughts about Manifest 4×04 through 4×06. Of course you are! But first, take a look back at what happened in the previous episode before reading on. Here we go!

Episode 4×04: “Tailspin” thoughts

  • Ben calling prom a “rager” was honestly the best thing ever. Such a dad thing to say.
  • Woah…Vance is in charge of the 828 investigation. However, I think, despite how he’s playing it, he is still on Ben’s side. Idk for sure.
  • Zeke being able to feel what Beverly was feeling is interesting. Did it have something to do with his second chance? He seems to really know what he’s doing when it comes to her. It’s sweet.
  • Mic and Zeke want to know about Pete’s calling because he’s only one week from his death date. Of course when the two go to visit his former football coach, Jace is lurking around the corner. OF COURSE HE WAS.
  • Drea ordering coffee for herself and then telling Jared that he’s buying is such a power move, and I love it.
  • Saanvi keeps getting distracted about The Major. I think it’s only a matter of time before she confesses to what happened with The Major. 
  • OMG! Pete telling Mic and Zeke that his football coach made them deal drugs is all kinds of messed up. Unfortunately after revealing that, Pete no longer wants to talk — Zeke was feeling his emotions, too. Eventually, Pete does end up wanting to tell Mic where to find Jace. Phew.
  • UHHHHHHH. Ben finding that woman in a glass case full of water was hella creepy, and also, what the heck?! Ben still believes that they’ve all been resurrected.

Episode 4×05: “Water Landing” thoughts

  • Poor Jared having to deal with this woman who seems to complain a lot. However, it’s interesting to see Jared investigating what happened with The Major. 
  • Now Mic is seeing those shadows coming to life? Those things are creepy as heck, but I’m glad Mic is confiding in Drea about the callings and everything else. Even though Drea seems super freaked out, which I can’t blame her for. 
  • Zeke is now connecting with Corey, and he ends up telling them that Jace plans to kill Mic. She certainly does need to hide! Oh my gosh.
  • Ben asking Saanvi if she’s okay with Vance and his team prodding Pete is the same exact question I had for her, too. I hope Saanvi stays on Ben and everyone’s side now that she’s working for the NSA.
  • That would be a fun storyline of Grace and Tarik going in on a business venture together and opening a restaurant.
  • Um. Who was that man and why was Saanvi running toward Jared? What does she know? I am stressed out because obviously this isn’t going to end well. Turns out, the NSA tells Jared all about The Major, while also telling him to back off his investigation.
  • According to Olive, the vision both men have been seeing is a test for Jace. I don’t know — Jace doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to make a good decision. 
  • I like how Zeke doesn’t want Mic to go after Jace, but as soon as Mic asks if he’s coming with her, he still goes. He would do anything for her, and I stan this ship SO MUCH. Why am I getting major Emma and Hook vibes between them? 
  • Ben stopping the NSA agent when Pete walked toward Angelina. He totally ships them. Lol.
  • OMG that man posting pictures of Grace with Eden and publishing a blog post about how they’ve been hiding out. Not okay. Also, OMG ZEKE!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 4×06: “Graveyard Spiral” thoughts

  • Literally was screaming “NO!” during the fight with Mic and Jace. Do not mess with Mic. Or Zeke. Or any of the Stones. Dang it, Manifest with all the feels.
  • Awe. The relationship between Grace and Tarik is sweet. Same with Cal and Eden — SO CUTE.
  • Like I’ve said numerous times before, Mic and Zeke really make a great couple. Their banter is some of my favorite. When he helped put her shoulder back in place, that hurt just watching it.
  • Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Jace is freaking evil. No no, he just killed Tarik. NO! Now he’s on a mission to kill Cal; I hate Jace so much. The moment between Grace and Tarik…so freaking sad.
  • Grace is so fierce! The women on this show are AMAZING!!! The moment she faced Jace…goosebumps.
  • Corey showing up where Cal and Eden are hiding — thank goodness because he helped save them from Jace. Phew.
  • Ben coming to Grace’s side to tell her not to shoot Jace and then the whole team coming to surround him. That’s when Jace fails his calling and dies. Thankfully, Pete and Corey make it past their death date.
  • Aw, Angelina getting her first kiss.
  • Okay, now what did Olive find?! Jace’s shadow ends up killing Corey and Pete. WHAT THE HECK. And then Ben and Mic realizing they were wrong about the calling…goodness. This is crazy.
  • Seriously, the only thing I can think to type right now is: OH MY GOSH, MANIFEST.

OMG, WOW. These were certainly intense episodes! What did you think of Manifest episodes 4×04 through 4×06? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts.


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