‘The Good Doctor’ 4×16 recap: “Dr. Ted”

Are you ready for The Good Doctor 4×16? 

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 16, “Dr. Ted,” aired May 10, 2021.

The finale is almost here, and I am nervous about that for obvious reasons. I am referring to the finale from last season, obviously. Be sure to review the last episode before reading on. Let’s see what happens this episode!

Lea seems to be okay

Claire is checking over Lea and declares that everything is okay. Well, that’s good considering what happened at the end of last episode. Phew. Hopefully that’ll be a good sign. Glassman stops by Shaun’s apartment to tell him to relax, and I agree with him. Claire ends up finding an issue that could result in Lea losing the baby. NO, not okay. While figuring out their plan of action, Lim tells Shaun he cannot be part of the surgery. He’s not too happy about that and goes to Glassman to overrule Lim’s decision. However, Glassman isn’t budging. 

Park and Asher are with a patient who was about to be declared dead when all of a sudden she awakes. Woah. She doesn’t seem too happy to be alive, though. Asher doesn’t understand why the woman doesn’t want to do anything to help prolong her life and goes to talk to her. 

Good team work

Shaun reports to Lea that after the surgery, the baby is fine. As she sets up to do her job, she tells Shaun he should go do his job, too. So, he does go to work with Asher, Park and Andrews and he has some rather blunt comments. Andrews reveals to the team that him and his wife have been trying for a family for a while. Awe. Park, too, has a story about his son’s birth being not the way that it was supposed to be.

Lim, Claire and Jordan all bond with Lea, exchanging stories of loss and life. They all make such a great team, as friends and as doctors. A little later, Shaun is talking to Lea when she has shortness of breath and swollen legs. I feel so bad for what Lea is going through. Though Lea tells Shaun that he’s allowed to be scared, he declares that it’s not helpful to do so. She just asks that he believe in the three of them going home.

Apparently, the woman decides to throw a party in her hospital room. And by party, I mean like a full out party. 

More time

Glassman, unfortunately, was not the voice of reason to Asher’s patient. When Shaun asks why Asher’s upset with his patient refusing treatment, he reveals to Shaun that his grandma passed away, and he would have loved more time with her. I just want to hug Asher. After the party, the woman wakes up to a new day with a “crap.” It’s then that she tells Asher that everyone she’s had great memories with is gone, and she’s all alone.

Turns out, Glassman finds out that Asher ended up slipping the patient the antibiotic that saved her. Glassman tells Asher that he shouldn’t confess to anything, and it’s clear that Asher is being eaten up with guilt. He goes to her room to tell her there are ways in which she can end things on her own terms.

Unfortunately, Claire comes to Shaun with bad news, concluding that the baby will not be able to survive. My heart hurts — this is so awful. Watching as Shaun delivers the news to Lea is so heartbreaking. I can’t. I love that Glassman was there for Shaun when he needed him. However, the ending montage just broke my heart in two. So sad.

More The Good Doctor musings

  • Lea is so sweet with the baby.
  • I can’t tolerate cargo pants either, lady. Lol.
  • Morgan finally admitting that she always underestimated Shaun’s genius when it comes to surgery deserves some applause.
  • Still here awaiting for the moment Morgan and Park just admit that they’re meant to be. SIGH.
  • Claire brought up Melendez and that hurt.
  • Jordan’s tortoise ran away. OH MY GOSH. I love that.
  • Asher putting on the patient’s lipstick for her was so sweet.
  • How did this woman set up this entire party from the comfort of her bed? That’s amazing.
  • But it was so sweet when Park asked if he told Morgan about his son’s birth, and she tells him to tell it again. 

Wow. This was a rather heartbreaking episode. I am sad. What did you think? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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