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‘Supergirl’ 6×06 recap: “Prom Again!”

Keep those dancing shoes on!

Supergirl 6×06, Season 6, Episode 6, “Prom Again!” aired on The CW on May 6, 2021.

This week we finished out Prom with a bang. Well more like a meteor hitting the Earth, but you get what I am saying! Supergirl turned out another great episode this week. Let’s chat about it!

CJ Grant

Cat Grant is still on the scene and unraveling all of the Midvale Supes secrets. It’s so wonderful to see Cat Grant again, even though she is different. You forget how epic she is sometimes. Cat proves once again that she is one hell of a reporter. 

  • She films Kara, Brainy and Nia using their super powers. 
  • Cat gets captured by the alien collectors.
  • In one version she even reveals Kara’s identity way ahead of schedule.

Kara is lucky that CJ wasn’t part of her life growing up, or else the whole world would have known about aliens a lot sooner. Did I say one version? I did! Let’s talk space time.

Breaking the timeline

Our Super team pulls a Legends this week and messes with the timeline. Basically everything gets very chaotic. Brainy, Kara, and Nia are able to stop the collectors. Then CJ accidentally lets them out. As if that isn’t bad enough, Kara’s secret is exposed! Brainy and Nia have to put their heads together on how to fix it!

  1. Nia suggests they travel back in time an hour before Kara’s secret was revealed. 
  2. They need to stop Grant from getting her story. 
  3. Nia will handle CJ, while Brainy continues with their original plan. 

The two must be very careful as to not mess up the timeline anymore. They also have to make sure they don’t run into their past selfs. One problem arises that throws a wrench in everything. Young Kara stashed away on the ship to help them fix the problem. Now they must worry about her not running into herself. 


Brainy forms a checklist on how to save the day. The first thing he must do is keep young Alex and Kenny from running into them and their past selves. Kara is able to help with that. The second thing Nia must do is keep CJ from finding the story. Nia follows the drone.

She finds it and breaks it. CJ comes wondering out. They start talking. Cat tries to make her understand that this is the story that will get her out of Perry White and Lois Lane’s shadow. Nia convinces her that she doesn’t need them.

“You’re Cat freaking Grant!” You don’t need anyone. Start your own empire!”

Cat decides she will and quits Perry’s tabloid. She also decides to stick with the name Nia gave her, “Cat.” NIA GAVE CAT HER NAME! That’s the Cat Grant we know and love!


Cat gives up on the story and heads back to National City. Kara was able to defeat the two collectors once she realizes the moon can heal her from the Kryptonite. They lock up the collectors and send out a distress call to the DEO.

The final piece of the puzzle, Kara and Kenny.With all the chaos out of the way, Kara must make the decision on whether to attend NCU or stay in Midvale with Kenny. She decides to attend NCU but asks him to come with her. Like the good guy Kenny is, he tells her to go without him and they walk out holding hands. 

The timeline is back in tact. Brainy and Nia were able to get the kryptonite with Kara’s DNA on it and head home. They share a kiss and head back to present day. What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you enjoy going back to Prom?

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