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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 6 Premiere: “Ground Control to Sara Lance” recap

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Premiere, 6×01, Season 6, Episode 1, “Ground Control to Sara Lance” aired on The CW on May 2, 2021.

You know when you haven’t seen a family member in a long time and then you finally see them and you realize how much you have missed them? That’s what it’s like seeing the Legends back on the screen! Let’s see what’s up with our lovable time travelers!

Where is Sara Lance?

It’s the morning after the Season 5 finale. Mick Rory walks into the Waverider. He opens the Waverider. Punks are passed. Mick wonders into the bathroom, to find co-captain Ava Sharpe passed out. Yes it’s as funny as it sounds!  He flushes the toilet to awaken Ave.

“Wait, why am I not tucked into bed? Where is Sara?”

Aww. AvaLance we’re here for it. The two search for Sara and the rest of the Legends. First, they find John and Zari after a night of passion. Then Astra is gambling in a casino. Behrad is eating by Buckingham Palace. Nate is wallowing with David Bowie.. 

Yes, I know that’s a lot to process! David Bowie informs them that Sara was kidnapped by aliens. He offers them his camera so they can see for themselves!

The Proposal

The gang take the video back on the ship. You will never believe what’s on it! I give kuddos to the writers, cast, network, and crew for keeping this one under wraps. 

On the video David talks to Sara. Captain Lance is drunk and nervous. She utters these words.

“David Bowie, can you keep a secret? I’m going to propose to my girlfriend tonight!”

Did your jaw drop? Mine sure did! Sara pulls out a ring. The AvaLance marriage proposal is in the first episode of season 6! What else do you need in a Season premiere? Ava has a huge smile on her face, which only lasts for a minute. Right after Sara gets abducted. Ava does not handle this well and runs out.


Director Sharpe walks in and hands everyone a binder. It outlines all the details of her plan. Of course no one reads it except for Nate. She gives them each tasks.

  1. She tells John something he doesn’t want to do to force him (to do magic).
  2. Second, Ava tells Zari to go with him to keep him on track (so they can figure out their relationship).
  3. Ava tells Behrad to go do what he does best. He proceeds to go get high. (In her binder it says get Behrad high to come up with a good idea.)
  4. Mick doesn’t offer help and goes and gets drunk, which she knew he would do. (Then he gets involved anyways).
  5. She tells Astra to go help John and Zari. (She doesn’t trust Astra.)

Nate is the only one that Ava manipulated everyone into doing what she wants. He is impressed and the two brainstorm.

Alien Ship

Sara wakes up in a freezing chamber, she tries to break free. There is a hand scanner on the door, she attempts to use her hand. The door opens and she falls out. After she gets her bearings, she opens up the chamber next to her, to see what she is dealing with. Out falls Spartacus and chaos ensues!

  • Spartacus and Sara team up to find who is on the ship, fight them, and get home.
  • Turns out Spartacus is still stuck in his own time period and wants to take the lead. 
  • He opens the chamber next to them and an alien pops out. The alien and Sara start to fight.

Spartacus did nothing, while Sara defeats the alien. Shortly after the fight, Spartacus gets eaten by the alien running the ship.

ONE OF THE ALIENS IS GARY! It turns out Gary was sent to Earth to find the epitome of a hero and he chooses Sara. But he couldn’t go threw with it and his boss comes to Earth to collect.


The Legends pick up a new person named Spooner, who has been kidnapped by aliens in the past. The aliens left a piece of technology in her head. They can use this to track down Gary and Sara. John uses his psychic connection with Sara to hone in on her when he performs the spell. Ava projects to her. 

While Sara is back on ice freezing to death she tells her to fight. Ava also gives the answer we all knew was coming. She says YES! Sara has to come home so she can marry her! Swoon. Sara does exactly what her fiance says. She fights and defeats the alien. She and Gary now have to find a way back home!

What did you think about the Season Premiere? Are you screaming about the proposal? We all are! 

Watch Legends of Tomorrow on The CW on Sundays. 


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