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‘The Flash’ recap: 7×08 – “The People vs Killer Frost”

Difference cannot be cured

The Flash season 7 episode 8 aired on 4 May 2021.

“You will be surprised what can become legal when you have the full force of the American justice system behind you.”

When a show delivers a line like this, it’s an opportunity to address the very presently relevant issue that has been at the forefront for a year and then some. So I have to be disappointed with this episode of The Flash, which was promising but ended up lacking any emotional gravitas.

The Trial of Killer Frost

Frost is standing trial for her previous crimes. The Flash discuss ways to clear her name or get a lighter sentence. After all, she changed her ways and became a hero in Central City. The city council (who are under Kramer’s thumb) want to administer the metahuman cure.

There’s something to be said about a person who is “different” being judged for their not-straight-As past and for their identity rather than actions. But Frost is still a white, light-haired person, so the stakes just don’t feel high. Allegra hinting at her prison experience in the last episode felt more weighty, even though it was just a few lines.

Even Caitlin’s emotional confrontation with Frost wasn’t really affective, even though Danielle Panabaker’s did a great job playing opposite herself.

Setting a precedent

While Team Flash work on their case, Frost confronts Kramer directly, asking if she personally hurt the woman. No, but another meta did while Kramer was in the military. Kramer wants all accused metas to be forcefully stripped of their powers and sees Frost’s trial as her moon landing.

When the court reconvenes, Frost takes the stand. “Justice should be about changing the way a person acts, not how they were born,” she tells the court. She requests life sentence without parole for herself. This satisfies the judge, because the prosecution wanted a sentence that ensured Frost “cannot harm the citizens.”

I doubt that’s the last we’ll see of Frost. I also doubt it’s the last we’ll see of Kramer, even if she left Joe a seemingly respectful departure message.

Norvok, the snake-eye meta, attended Frost’s trial. (There may have been one or two other metas there as well.) I thought that was a nice touch, given his and Frost’s former acquaintance. “Every meta in town will know what you did for us,” Norvok tells her, halfway to tears, as she is led away.

May the Forces be with you

While the Frost plotline seemingly wraps up, another mystery unfolds that involves the Flash more directly.

Iris and Barry miss the court drama because the Star Labs satellites have picked up Fuerza’s isotopic signature in Keystone city. Speed Force Nora is suspiciously interested in investigating despite being scared of them just a few episodes back. Both Speed Force and Barry flash off to Keystone.

The signal leads them to a volunteer medic program, but they don’t find Strength Force immediately. Iris muses that the Forces might not all be vicious. Deon, for example, was just a high schooler who wanted to be an athlete. Nora insists that they are dangerous because they attacked her, remember?? Yes we do, Nora, and it’s frankly annoying that you keep bringing it up.

Fuerza and the Flash

The signal leads Barry and Speed Force to Alexa Rivera, a volunteer medic and recovered drug addict. Barry is careful and sensitive as he asks questions, but Nora interrupts. She forcefully insists Alexa go to Star Labs for testing, which angers the young woman. Back at Star Labs, tensions mount between Iris and Nora as they disagree on how to handle Alexa.

Barry visits Alexa again as the Flash. He makes a breakthrough. Alexa first became Fuerza when Abra Kadabra destroyed her work site. Her anger triggered her transformation. The Flash convinces her to go to Star Labs so they can understand her condition and help her.

Side note: why doesn’t Barry have to vibrate his face and voice any more?

The Speed Force is not with you

In the speed lab, Barry assures a nervous Alexa that “nothing will happen” to her. Which in TV terms means something bad will happen.

The test proves that Alexa is indeed Fuerza. She nearly transforms, but Iris deactivates the isotopic signals, allowing Alexa to return to normal.

A traumatised Alexa asks Barry if she really is a monster. Barry promises they will help her. And then Nora blasts her. “You should be helping me.”

Speed Force Nora turns on Iris. Barry jumps in the way of the lightning, countering it with his own. In slow motion, we see an energy ball form where the two lightning strikes meet. Speed Force takes this energy and tauntingly thanks Barry before blasting Alexa again, harder than before.

By the time Barry and Iris come to, Speed Force is gone and Alexa is critically injured. (By critically I mean that she looks dead but I don’t think she is. Yet.)

What do you all think about this new development? I knew there was something off about Speed Force. Maybe Barry was right to look suspicious that one time.

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