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‘Supergirl’ 6×05 recap: “Prom Night!”

Nia and Brainy head back to high school!

Supergirl 6×05, Season 6, Episode 5, “Prom Night!” aired on The CW on April 27, 2021.

The final season of Supergirl is giving us everything we needed. This includes Supergirl 6×05, which fully centered on Brainy and Nia! Not only is it an episode dedicated to one of our favorite couples, it is also a two-part episode!

What more could we want? Nia and Brainy head back to high school! That’s right, our dynamic duo takes a trip down memory lane to Midvale. 

The Meteor

Why Midvale? In 2009 Kara stops a meteor from hitting the small town. The meteor just so happens to be made of Kryptonite. She is able to break apart the meteor, but her hands get damaged. The injury produces Kara’s DNA. 

  1. The team must distract the DNA.
  2. Get back to the future.
  3. While they are in the past, they must be careful to not mess up the timeline.

If they have learned anything from the Legends, they are going to for sure mess up the timeline. I can’t wait to see how!


Brainy and Nia crash land into Midvale’s baseball field. I’m pretty sure we all knew that was going to happen. Now a part is broken and they have 24 hours to get back! As soon as they walk out of the ship, who do they run into? You guessed it; Young Alex, Kara, and Kenny.

  • Apparently Kenny isn’t dead in this post-crisis world.
  • The trio must help the duo get back.
  • Alex makes it very difficult.

It’s always interesting to see how overprotective Alex is of Kara. She returns from college to visit and is on her like glue. She tries to stop them on every turn. Not in a mean way, just a protective way. At the same time Alex is still young and resentful. She feels she can never live her life, because of Kara. 

The Hunter

While Brainy and Nia are trying to solve their problem and get Kara’s DNA, a new problem arises. Doesn’t it always? A new alien is in town. What is this one’s damage? He collects rare beings across the universe. Next up on his list…

“Boss, we already tried to capture the male Kryptonian and it didn’t go so well. What makes you think this one will be any different?”

This guy wants Kara! While he is at it, he will also take a Brainy and Nia. He attempts his first attack by luring Kara into a trap. He sets up a situation where she needs to rescue a bus full of people. Then he attacks. However, he wasn’t counting on Brainy being there. He leaves and plans his next attempt!

They pull a Legends

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Brainy and Nia mess up the timeline! The Hunter was supposed to be captured by the DEO, 3 days after they get there. Now, he is still at large even in the present! 

Aside from that, they do manage to fix the time ship. They haven’t managed to pull Kara’s DNA yet. There is one more road block Nia and Brainy didn’t account for, a young Cat Grant! Don’t get too excited, our Cat Grant did not return. Her younger self, however is in Midvale to catch a story. 

She is determined to prove that there is more behind the “Luckiest Town.” What will Cat uncover? We will have to wait until next week to find out in part 2!

Supergirl airs on The CW, at 9pm, on Tuesday nights.


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