‘The Good Doctor’ 4×15 recap: “Waiting”

Are you ready for The Good Doctor 4×15?

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 15, “Waiting,” aired April 26, 2021.

The writing on this show is just so amazing. Let’s see what happens in the latest episode. Don’t forget to read up on last episode before reading on.

Offering comfort

The episode begins with two moms and two sons attending a political protest. Lea has just taken the glucose test when Shaun and Lea turn on the TV to see the news reporting on a shooting at the protest. Shaun is called to the ER where the doctors are awaiting the two victims — one is the young boy. The other young boy also shows up with a gunshot wound. Lea is still in the waiting room when the moms of the boys go to wait and helps them fill out the forms.

When Mason’s mom offers Ethan’s mom comfort, she pulls away when she sees the stance of Mason’s mom. Claire and Asher also have differences of political opinions. Asher tells Mason’s mom that he’s lost a lot of blood and may have damage to his brain as a result. The mom is adamant to have them wake her son up.

Lea goes to check on the status of Ethan, so Shaun and Park tell his mom what is going on. The two men come back in the room to tell his mom that they’ll need to leave fragments of the bullet in Ethan’s head to prevent any further damage. 


Claire reports to Mason’s mom that there is no further brain damage. Shaun tells Ethan’s mom that he has to leave the boy’s skull off until it is safe. However, as the mom sits there with her son, Shaun says he’s having a form of a seizure and that leaving the bullet fragment was a mistake. Back in the lobby, Lea receives some, seems like, good news about the baby. Both women offer Lea stories on their sons’ births.

Shaun goes to Glassman to double check his findings when he tells Glassman that Ethan might die. Goodness. While Shaun came to him for medical advice, Glassman offers him emotional advice instead, which he does not like.

Morgan goes to Park, and he starts to tell her about his son playing soccer as a young boy. He tells her that he thinks Lim and Shaun could do the surgery without him, but Morgan offers some words of advice to not give up on the boy. Sometimes, Morgan can be kind in her own way.

Finally, some good news

Asher and Claire come upon a problem with Mason: he doesn’t have a pulse in his leg. As they’re operating on him, Claire says that he’s dying. This is so awful. It’s then that Ethan’s mom tells the doctors that her blood matches Mason’s blood and donates it for the boy.

Turns out, Shaun wasn’t wrong about the original fragment, but there is another one that could cause damage. Unfortunately, he reveals it’s too deep to remove. Ethan’s mom lashes out on Park, Shaun and Lea. Park goes to Lim with an idea that could help save Ethan’s life.

Lea tells Ethan’s mom that she doesn’t think she’s strong to go through something like this. The mom tells Lea being a mother is about compassion, and based on what’s she’s seen of Lea, she says she’ll be a great mother. It’s then that Claire and Shaun come out to tell to the moms that both of their sons survived. The two women end up hugging, putting aside their differences for their sons. I am so relieved the boys made it. 

In the end

Claire offers to buy Asher a cheeseburger, to which he says “it’s 6 a.m.” There’s never a wrong time for a cheeseburger. The two agree that they should talk. So sweet.

Meanwhile, Park approaches Morgan, and she tells him that he saved Ethan’s life. However, he doesn’t take the credit — instead telling Morgan that she was the one who saved his life. Surprisingly, she is not taking the credit and invites him to her house. NOOOO, he tells her that they should stop seeing each other. He says just sleeping with her is not good for him, and he says he wants to give the other woman a chance. Again, NO!

As Shaun and Lea are walking out of the hospital, they both agree they feel lucky. However, Lea falls to the ground in pain. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Wow, this episode is so sad.
  • I love how compassionate the doctors are toward their patients.
  • Jordan standing up for herself when Shaun tells her she was wrong…Yes, girl.
  • The acting on this show is just so dang good. The range of emotions make me emotional. 
  • Morgan’s face when Park walks away. You two just need to be together and accept that you’re madly in love. Oh my gosh.
  • Why’d they have to end the episode like that? SO RUDE. I feel so nervous for Lea.

Wow, this episode was just wow. Another one that definitely pulls at your emotions but ends up working out in the end. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below or tweet us!


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