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‘Supergirl’ 6×04: “Lost Souls” recap

Supergirl 6×04, Season 6, Episode 4, “Lost Souls” aired on The CW on April 20, 2021

Can we all just agree that the Super Friends are amazing? Supergirl has been off in the Phantom Zone all season and they have been holding it down! Their stories are compelling. We love our Super Team! Let’s see what they got into this week!

The Tour

The beginning of Supergirl 6×04 was a little confusing. The team tries to figure out a plan to rescue Kara and fight the Phantoms at the same time. Lena and Dreamer walk in. Dreamer gave Lena a tour of their Headquarters. Hasn’t Lena been there like a hundred times? I swear she has!

Lena is super stoked to be officially apart of the team. Which she has been for the whole show. Lena has a prototype of a gun that can help the team trap the Phantoms and send them to the containment units. Yes, they do make a Ghostbusters comment, because it looks like their proton packs! 

I love how Lena walks into the layer for all of three minutes and already solves a major problem.

The Mirror

While Lena is solving all the problems on Earth; Kara, her Dad, and Mixy are back in the Phantom Zone. They’ve devise a plan to get out of the Phantom Zone. Here it is:

  1. Kara’s Mom built a way for the crew to get off the Phantom Zone.
  2. It is a Mirror.
  3. They will find the mirror, Mixy will use her magic, and transport them back.

In true Supergirl form, none of the plan goes right. The mirror is broken, Kara’s Dad gets attacked and Mixy betrays them. Kara and her Father agree her Mom would’ve made a back up mirror. They split up to look for it.

Mixy betrays Kara. She is the one who attacker her Father. In their fight, Kara must break the mirror to protect Earth from Mixy.

The Fight

The team is ready to go. Operation “Save Souls” is in effect! Lena develops a machine that will locate the Prime Phantom’s energy. They use Dreamer’s powers to narrow down the search from there. 

  • They find the Phantom’s lair. There are a lot of them. J’onn fends them off so Dreamer, Brainy and Sentinel can go find the souls. The phantoms take his soul in the process!
  • Then Brainy continues to fight off more phantoms and they take his soul! NO!
  • Finally Dreamer and Alex reach Prime’s room with the souls. 

Dreamer uses her powers to clear a path for Alex. Alex makes it to the Soul Egg (?) and is able to release all the souls! That means J’onn and Brainy are back. The souls go back into their bodies and the Phantoms become human again!

The Scotch

At the end of the episode, we get one of the best scenes of the season. I notice a lot of my favorite scenes have either Alex or Lena in it. This had both! Alex is on the roof, sad that they couldn’t get Kara back. Lena comes out and hands her a scotch. 

They discuss their willingness to do whatever it takes to get Kara back. As long as it is done the right way. Lena questions if she fits in with the rest of the group. Alex gives her a long beautiful speech about how she belongs. 

The two cheers to their friendship, to Kara, and their love of Supergirl. One of the best things about this season is Lena’s blooming friendships. First with Brainy and now with Alex. What was your favorite scene from this episode? Sound off in the comments!

Supergirl airs on The CW, on Tuesdays at 9pm.



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