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‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 5×02, “Old Friends”

Van Helsing, Ep 5×02, “Old Friends” aired April 23, 2021 

Welcome back, Helsingers. This week’s episode picks up not long after Jack landed herself in the clink for murdering Lady Olivia. Sure she was able to temporarily derail Michael’s plans, but Jack ends up on the gallows for her actions. Thankfully, a broken neck doesn’t do much to keep a Van Helsing down for very long. While Jack takes a brief dirt nap, Michaela moves forward with her plans to use Olivia as the vessel for her dark plan. First, she must resurrect poor Olivia.

Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort break down ep 5×02, “Old Friends”. The Count is completely confused and then horrified when he realizes what he’s done in bringing Michaela into their lives. He’s willfully overlooked the disappearances from the village, but there’s no looking beyond the return of his dead wife. Olivia initially had no understanding of what’s happened to her. 

Jack finds herself teaming up with one of the last people she ever expected to meet in the past. She’s surprised to see Bathory and more so over the fact that her old nemesis is a vampire hunter. What did you think of seeing this new side of Bathory and learning her connection to the vial? Were you hopeful that Jack and the others would find a way to defeat Michaela before she could bring forth the Dark One? Or did you figure it was already a done deal for Lady Olivia?

Give us a listen and then be sure to drop a comment or in our Facebook group with your thoughts on ep 5×02, “Old Friends”. You can also send us an email at [email protected]


Brad & Cort Talk ‘Van Helsing’ Ep 5×02, “Old Friends”

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