‘The Good Doctor’ 4×14 recap: “Gender Reveal”

We are back with The Good Doctor 4×14!

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 14, “Gender Reveal,” aired April 19, 2021.

It’s been a while since the last episode, but I am ready for a new episode. Seriously, I am ready — I wiped off all my makeup in case I cry during this episode because let’s be real…I will not cry, though! Let’s see what happens this episode.

Ooooo jealousy 

The episode starts with Morgan and Park hooking up. She also tells him he should hook up with other women, too. This relationship is so odd, but I am still here for it. The jealousy when Morgan flirts with the patient. Him telling her she has zero charm…I can’t. 

Meanwhile, Lea finds out that they can learn whether they’re going to have a son or daughter. The result: it’s a girl! Awe. She’s over the moon; however, Shaun doesn’t seem as ecstatic about it. At the hospital, Asher, Morgan and Park are treating a MMA fighter who reveals he had plastic surgery. During surgery, Park oversees Asher, and he starts asking about his dating life. I seriously can’t. Unfortunately, Park identifies breast cancer in their patient.

Shaun reveals to his patient, a Navy pilot, and Claire that they’re having a girl, and Claire is also super excited about it. Still, Shaun doesn’t seem to be sharing the excitement like everyone else. 

Getting kicked out

As Park and Morgan are talking to their patient, Park’s phone starts beeping a lot. For some reason, he interrupts to look at his phone. If my doctor did that, I’d be like, what the heck, dude. Turns out, Morgan hacked his phone and set him up an online dating profile. *Face palm* Do you know how frustrating it is to ship a couple that’s not really a couple? Lol.

Lea and Shaun are at a birthing class. Shaun keeps interrupting the instructor to interject about the birthing process, and it makes for an uncomfortable moment between the other expecting mothers. As it turns out, Shaun reveals they got asked to not come back. Oof. Back at the hospital, Claire and Shaun’s patient attempts to walk on her new hip but falls to the ground. 

Lim instructs the team to make a list of what could be wrong with their patient…just not in her office. This is why I love Lim, the sass. Shaun comes across Lea meeting with a potential doula, but he is not here for it — he wants to do everything himself. Speaking of getting kicked out, Shaun decides to observe a birth but it’s not welcomed, that’s for sure.

So much good advice

Glassman sits down with Shaun and tells him that he should give Lea whatever she needs. YES. After listening to his advice, Shaun goes to Lea with things that’ll help with the birthing process, but she still wants a doula. He goes back to work and tells his patient there is no sign of a tumor. When he asks if she had a doula, it comes to light that her daughter thinks her mom liked her job more than she liked being a mother. It’s then that she has a seizure, but she seems to be doing well after.

Park tells his patient that he needs his implant removed, but he’d rather do nonsurgical options. Their patient is starting to undergo chemo, but Park tells him being strong isn’t about his body. He tells him that he is so much more than his body — that was, again, great advice from one of our doctors. In fact, the patient then agrees to undergo the surgery instead. Seems like it also sparks something in Morgan.

Claire ends up revealing through her findings that their patient has Parkinson’s disease.

The end

Morgan and Park’s patient ends up posting on his social media that he has breast cancer. Thankfully, he’ll be okay. I’m so glad he chose to get the surgery.

Unfortunately, Claire and Shaun’s patient doesn’t get good news. Claire tells her that she’ll have a few more years of mobility, but there’s not much they can do to prevent it. She tells her daughter she wants to leave the hospital, but her daughter refuses. Awe.

Park ends up leaving to go on a date with another doctor, and Morgan’s face! Nooooo! Shaun takes Lea home where their new doula is waiting for them. So sweet of Shaun to do that for her. Actually, that whole last scene between them was too sweet.

More The Good Doctor musings

  • Lea’s response to Shaun asking if she wants to paint the nursery pink was amazing.
  • I like Asher — he’s such a sweet dude.
  • I am laughing so much over Park’s reaction to Morgan telling him to hook up with more people. He wants to be exclusive SO BAD.
  • Apparently, Morgan is monitoring who he’s talking to on the apps. Oh gosh.
  • Asher saying he needs to join a gym is a MOOD.
  • Jordan suggesting medical advice from Reddit is great, and even Claire and Shaun get on board with it.
  • Stop. Morgan’s face said it all when Park walked away from her. I can’t.

This episode was one of my favorites this season! The Morgan and Park situation is cracking me up, and Lea’s excitement over having a daughter was so cute. What did you think? Comment below or tweet us!


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