‘Manifest’ 3×03 recap: “Wingman”

Are you ready for Manifest 3×03?!

Manifest recap: Season 3, Episode 3, “Wingman,” aired April 15, 2021.

Alright, we are back with another new episode of Manifest! Before we go on, don’t forget to read what happened in the last episode.


The episode starts with Vance being interrogated, and he is so over it. Meanwhile, Mic tells Ben that maybe he needs to take a step back, but he’s not willing to do nothing. Cal is wandering around in the woods when he sees a vision of a peacock. That’s also when a calling strikes Ben — one involving a passenger who is a skilled chess player. Ben finds the man playing chess in the park, and he agrees to speak with him. Apparently the man has a photographic memory. Well, that could help Ben interpret the calling.

Mic tries to talk with one of the three shadows, Pete, but he doesn’t want to talk. She starts hearing a heart beating, which immediately leads her to Evie’s parent’s house. There, she finds the dad on the floor, who died from a heart attack. 

Jared goes to ask Saanvi about The Major, but she’s quick to say she doesn’t know much. Oh, gosh. SAANVI.

Sibling fights and figuring out callings

We find out that Grace left her brother to take care of their dad by himself. However, it seems like when Grace sees Cal FaceTiming his sister, she realizes she needs to make amends with her brother and the past. I guess we shall see what’ll transpire between the two siblings.

Ben and the other passenger sum up that their vision took place in some kind of museum. Luckily, the man knows where to find the setting of the calling. Of course, Ben and the other guy are able to break into the museum. They find the room number where the boy from the vision is supposed to be, but there’s no one in there. Turns out, it was the wrong room and the vision starts to become a reality.

While at Evie’s parent’s house, Mic still is hearing the heartbeat. With Evie’s mom, they watch home videos of the two girls as children. Ah, the days of home videos that weren’t taken on phones. Those were the days. The source of the heartbeat ends up being a video Evie’s father made before he passed away. In the video, he says that he’s arranged for living for his wife, but he would like to give the house to Mic. Wow.

Callings = reality

Thankfully, the two men are able to locate the boy they saw in the calling. Getting out of the building is a struggle, that’s for sure; however, they were able to make it safely outside. The other passenger decides to leave Ben and the boy. When Ben goes to bring the boy home, it’s revealed one of the three men is his brother. WHAT?!

As Mic tries to tell Evie’s mom what is happening, both women become overwhelmed. Then, something comes over Zeke, a feeling he says, and he’s able to calm down Beverly. Oh man, this man is TOO GOOD. And can we agree that Zeke is totally husband goals?

Mic brings Angelina to see Pete in jail. Angelina tells the man that she believes she has to save him, and he echoes her statement. Interesting twist of events. Also at the station, Jared brings in The Major’s daughter and tells her about her mother’s role with 828. Vance has been reinstated, but will he do it? It’s a no for him… maybe.

Mic decides that Zeke and her will take care of Beverly. This is SO SWEET — I can’t. 

More Manifest musings

  • Mic and Zeke need to go back on vacation and take the whole family with because these characters need a break.
  • Wait. Zeke really is working for Saanvi? We love to see it.
  • “Just you being here is enough.” Okay, MY HEART, Mic and Zeke.
  • Let Vance go home to his family. 
  • Jared acknowledging the awkward is so real.
  • I really like that Olive and Angelina are teaming up.
  • I am so sad for Evie’s mom and dad.
  • That moment between Grace and her brother was really sweet.
  • Zeke looks real good this season, you guys. 
  • Um. That ending with whoever was scratching out the eyes of the Stones was CREEPY.

Wow! Manifest 3×03 was quite the episode with many twists and enough awww moments. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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