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‘Supergirl’ 6×03: “Phantom Menaces” recap

Go Super Friends!

Supergirl 6×03, Season 6, Episode 3, “Phantom Menaces” aired on The CW on April 13, 2021

Supergirl 6×03 came to play! There was everything we wanted and more! Who didn’t love this episode? If you ask me, the Super Friends are killing it! Not to say we don’t miss Kara Danvers, we do. It is nice, however, to see how the team works without her.

Goodbye, Sylas

We will dive into all the great things that happened in Supergirl 6×03 in a moment. We need to take a moment to say goodbye to Sylas. Last week we saw the Phantom come out of Sylas. The scene opened up to a beaten Sylas. 

The team moved as fast as they could, but they couldn’t save him. After Sylas’ soul left his body, he turned into a Phantom. Apparently that is how the phantoms make babies? All of the Super Friends were in a bad way after that. 

First they couldn’t rescue Kara, now Sylas. Everyone takes a moment to throw themselves a pity party. J’onn snaps everyone out of it. He throws his soldier hat on and discuss their plan going forward.

Lena and Brainy

At the start of Season 6 we had a hint of an unexpected friendship on the rise. We didn’t even know we wanted it, but then we needed it. The Supergirl writers proceeded to give us more of what we needed. Lena and Brainy’s friendship continues to grow!

  • They both did some bad things last season. 
  • The two start to bond over their shared regret. 
  • They want vengeance against Lex.

Brainy and Lena reach huge epicenters of their journeys this week. Brainy wants to kill Lex. He reminds Lena she already has. She reminds him that it took her down a dark path. Lena reminds Brainy that if they kill Lex they will ultimately become him. Lena makes a huge decision in this episode that will change her life. (We will talk more about that at the end.)

Kara’s New Friend

Kara and her Father try to hitch a ride with a Phantom through the portal. I have no idea where they ended up, but when they got there, they ran into some baddies. Kara loses miserably and hurts her leg. The baddies kidnap her Father.

One thing that has been confusing me is whether Kara has her powers or not? Sometimes she doesn’t sometimes she does. Make up your mind! Anyways, I digress. Kara blacks out again. She seems to be doing that a lot lately. 

When she wakes up a woman is above her. Turns out the woman is a nimph like Mr. Mixy. Only she doesn’t have her powers in the Phantom Zone. You think she will be evil, but she was actually sent here by her psycho Father. She helps Kara and her Dad escape!

M’Gann’s Sacrifice

M’Gann is afraid that if she waits for the team to finish prepping their plan too many people will be infected by the Phantom. She decides to go after them on her own. The only problem is they have already multiplied. 

  1. Five of them fight her. 
  2. The Martians seem to be more susceptible to their powers. It weakens them faster. 
  3. She is outnumbered. 

One infects her. Now she lays on the table as everyone tries to find a cure. It is interesting that last week J’onn went in blindly and the team lost. This week M’gann does the same thing and almost loses her life. 

No need to worry. The team finds a way to save her. Insert an awesome fight scene, where they defeat the Phantoms! Yes, Kelly and Lena help! It was glorious seeing the team work together like that. It gives you hope. 

Be Happy

I have been waiting for this moment since we were first introduced to Lena Luthor. No, not that moment. We can all keep dreaming on that one. This is the episode that Lena gives up her fight with Lex Luthor!

Lex gets the DA to investigate Lena, because she locked him out of Luthercorp. In retaliation, Lena takes all of his funds and transfers them to the children’s wing of the hospital. Lex blows up the wing. Yes that is how petty he is. (The children weren’t in the wing luckily.)

After watching Brainy spiral about Lex, Lena finally realizes she needs to end their crusade. In the end she decides Lex isn’t worth the energy. 

“I hate you Lex, I do, but I love me more.”

Insert me screaming how proud of her I am. Lena refuses to play his game any longer. Now Lex is left with nothing but his misery. What will Lex do? We will find out! What did you think of Supergirl 6×03?

Supergirl airs on The CW, Tuesday nights, at 9pm. 


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