‘Manifest’ 3×02 recap: “Deadhead”

Alright, who is ready for Manifest 3×02?

Manifest recap: Season 3, Episode 2, “Deadhead,” aired April 8, 2021.

After last episode, I have to know what happens next. I mean, that was A LOT to take in. I am sure there’s going to be more drama and even more Ben with his glasses, so let’s see what happens next!

The Stones have a house guest

The episode starts with Angelina having a creepy vision when Grace comes knocking on her door. Grace tells Angelina that if she needs anyone, they are there for her. Ben has visitors from The Pentagon and they want to chat with him — they want to know who he’s working with/for. However, Grace swoops in to save the day. 

Mic comes back to work to learn Jared is now Lieutenant. Woo, Jared! The Captain calls Mic in her office to tell her to play by the rules or she’s out. As Mic and Drea are looking at footage of the lake, the three men from the lake appear on the screen. Oh, heck no. Grace and Ben are concerned, as they should be, and they decide to keep Cal safe, they need to disappear to Grace’s step-brother’s.

Olive helps Angelina with her calling by talking it out with her. She helps conclude that the callings want Angelina to return to her old school.

Temporary good bye

As Saanvi checks up on Zeke, it turns out that his health, as well as his life, got a redo. Ben shows up and shows her what the tailfin did to him. No matter who tells him that he can’t save Vance himself, Ben is adamant that he does. That’s such a Prince Charming trait. He goes to Vance’s house to tell his wife that Vance won’t be coming home, and she tells Ben he needs to bring her husband back. We know Ben can and will do it!

Mic and Drea are on the road as they come across the RV they suspect the three men are in. Yep, it’s them. However, they’re able to get away by throwing a gas tank in the middle of the road. I can’t believe these guys are back again. At least one of the men has some kind of conscious about doing bad things. He even says they may have come back to life to change their ways.

Grace, Cal and Eden head to her step-brother’s house. It’s a bit of a rocky reunion, and he ends up slamming the door in her face. Awe, Grace. Meanwhile, Olive digs up Angelina’s old time capsule, which I didn’t realize schools still did those.  While they’re getting slushies, Angelina drops the picture Olive thinks would stop the callings.

Bonding time

Obviously one of the three men wasn’t convinced by the other man to be a better person. In fact, they end up at the slushie place Angelina and Olive were just at. Coincidence? I think not.

Cal and his uncle end up playing a game of basketball. He convinces his uncle to go to Grace, and then all of a sudden, the three men hear the voice of Cal. Huh?!?!?!? The one brother finds the picture of Angelina. Mic and Drea arrive and he surrenders himself, but unfortunately, the other two men drove away. Oh my gosh — in the picture with Angelina, the two brothers are in the background. Woah. Unfortunately, Mic won’t let the two girls take the picture with them because it’s evidence.

Upon visiting Vance’s grave, one of the government guys shows up. Ben ends up telling him that Vance is, in fact, still alive. Hopefully this man will be able to help Vance get back home. For leverage, Ben tells the man that a piece of Flight 828 was recovered.


Zeke confronts Saavi that he think she’s hiding something and that’s why she’s been working so hard. She questions Zeke as to how he’s noticed that she’s been working so hard. Hm. There’s got to be some kind of connection between those two. 

On the news, there is a story about Flight 828 about the piece that was recovered. Right after Ben receives a message that Vance is going to be okay, the press shows up at the Stone’s house. Oh gosh, this is not going to be good for any of the passengers. Also, why is Ben’s hand lighting up? Um.

More Manifest musings

  • The line where Ben mentions his glasses was definitely on purpose. We stan the glasses.
  • Saanvi putting Zeke to work. Lol.
  • Zeke, you got to charge your phone, man.
  • Drea’s face as Mic is talking to Jared was hilarious. I like Drea; she’s great!
  • I like how Ben dramatically takes off his glass. THE DRAMA.
  • The friendship between Olive and Angelina is really sweet.
  • You guys, Zeke is so sweet.

Well, that was certainly another interesting episode. What did you think of Manifest 3×02? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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