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‘Supergirl’ recap 6×02: Top 5 moments of “A Few Good Women”

Episode 2 of Supergirl delivered! We pickup with the Super Friends trying everything to get Kara back. Everything included tracking down an alien named Sylas. Sylas is from the planet Transylvane, and, you guessed it—he does drink blood! 

5. Super Friends, Meet Sylas.

Sylas does not kill people. He simply breaks into blood banks to get food. I guess that’s better? At first you think the Super Friends are there to stop him. It turns out they are there to recruit him! Before he found himself on Earth Sylas had an interesting story. 

  • His partner was falsely accused of murder. 
  • He was sent to the Phantom Zone.
  • Sylas is the only person that has ever tried to break into the Phantom Zone.

As you can assume, the break in didn’t go well for Sylas or his partner. The Super Friends think this time it will go better. 

4. The Trial of Lex Luthor

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is on trial for crimes against, well, all of humanity. Historically we all know he won’t be charged, but one still hopes for the best. The case begins. 

  1. Eve Tessmacer returns and testifies against him!
  2. Lillian Luthor thinks Lex has finally lost.
  3. Lena also testifies against him!

Even though Lex gets off in the end, it was a nice change of pace to see everyone of his family members betray him. 

3. J’onn loses it.

The Super Friends ask Sylas to help create a Phantom Zone portal. Kelly convinces him to help in the memory of his partner. Sylas works diligently to prepare the portal, with no thanks from J’onn. J’onn has lost it because of his guilt and worry over Kara.

He starts to bully Sylas into working quicker. Luckily M’gann steps in and gives him a reality check. Thanks M’gann. J’onn explains to her it’s like feeling the loss of his two daughters all over again. We get it, J’onn, but leave Sylas alone!

2. Alex asks the question.

No, Alex Danvers did not ask Kelly to marry her! She did however ask the question everyone is afraid to ask. In Alex and Kelly’s apartment, Alex asks Kelly,

“What if Kara doesn’t come back? What do we do?”

Technically, it’s two questions, but you know what I mean. What do they do? I mean they have no sound plan. It is totally feasible that they couldn’t get her back. We know they will eventually, but still. Alex has a good point: Where do they go from there?

1. The Father returns.

All of Kara’s friends and family are trying to get her back. What is Kara doing? Kara is busy getting attacked by Phantoms! She isn’t handling it well. Ms. Danvers is rescued by the most random of people. Who rescues our Supergirl? Her Father! 

That’s right—Kara’s Dad is alive! He has been lost in the Phantom Zone all this time. Kara catches him up on everything. Then she gets to work in finding a way out. Turns out, her Dad isn’t exactly a brave man anymore. He has been beaten by the Phantoms one too many times. 

Kara refuses to give up. That’s our girl. She will continue to try to find a way out, no matter how long it takes!

Supergirl premieres Tuesday nights on The CW at 9pm.


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