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‘Walker’ 1×08: “Fine is a Four Letter Word” recap

So. Many. Secrets.

Walker 1×08, Season 1, Episode 8, “Fine is a Four Letter Word” aired on The CW on April 8, 2021

There have been so many secrets on this show, and finally we are starting to see some much needed truth telling. And the weather really matched the mood of this episode because the constant spinning lies and the destruction it leaves fit right in with an actual tornado. Such a great episode! 

Here’s what went down in Walker 1×08:

My brother’s (secret) keeper. Liam is still struggling with events from the trip he and James took to Mexico to uncover the truth about Emily’s supposed killer. (A car bomb tends to do that to you.) He hasn’t been home and he definitely hasn’t been showering. his relationship with Bret is on the rocks because of Liam’s worry that the Northside Nation is following him. Plus, he hasn’t told Cordy yet, but he did tell Micki. (That tornado/lies comparison is really hitting hard already, isn’t it?)

Dancing up a storm! Normally a school dance would be a super fun time, but with a date with a dark secret and a huge storm rolling in, it’s not just flowers and fun for Stella anymore. Micki, Trey and Walker (aka Trickier) head over to the school to make sure the kids are safe in the storm and then head out on a rescue mission or two. It’s during this mission that we really see how much Micki is struggling with the truth about her mom. And keeping with the theme of this episode, she is keeping it all a secret from her person, Trey. She finally tells him and he’s understandably hurt that she didn’t tell him sooner. For Micki, telling Trey would make it real and she just wasn’t ready to deal with her new reality yet. 

Marriage troubles. Bonham and Abeline have been on the rocks since the start of the show and we are starting to slowly see what went down and how they have got to this place. Every once in a while we see a little sparkle between them, but it’s always overshadowed by the lingering tension and what they aren’t talking about. Abeline clearly had another relationship during there marriage at some point, but the details are still fuzzy. Hopefully after their talk at the dance, we will see some steps in the right direction for these two. 

Almost marriage troubles. Liam’s struggles with the gang that’s after him have made him into a different man. So much so that he lies to Bret and says he cheated. He’s pushing him away to protect him, but we all know that will never work in the long run (as evidenced by every movie ever with this concept)! Can everyone just start telling the truth already?! 

Romeo and Juliet. Just when the young love couldn’t get any cuter, Stella found the visitor pass in Trevor’s pocket. Yes, we all want Stella to be with an honest boy, but they are just so darn cute that we were all hoping that this would somehow work out. Sad face. Now we have to wait to see if she tells her dad…

Truth time. Liam tried so hard to make the truth easier for Cordy to handle, but it was an impossible task. There is no easy way to tell your brother that his wife’s killer is still out there. It was hard to watch a happy, “got her number” Cordy slip back into that despair that we saw in the first few episodes, but it’s time that they found the truth and they are only going to get there with Cordy in the loop.

Gah! What a great episode! What did you think about all of the secrets and the truth telling that went down? What was your favorite part of Walker 1×08? Tweet us

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