‘Manifest’ 3×01 recap: “Tailfin”

Who is ready for Manifest 3×01? MEEEEEEE.

Manifest recap: Season 3, Episode 1, “Tailfin”,” aired April 1, 2021.

It’s been a year since Manifest graced our screens, and I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for season 3! Let’s see what our characters are up to this season. I am sure there is going to be a lot more mystery and drama. 

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Vacation, yay

The episode begins in Cuba with Ben and his glasses, but this time, they’re sunglasses. He comes across the boat from one of Cal’s drawings and he has a calling where everyone is screaming. Turns out, Mic and Cal also have a calling, and they are all confused as to who the random woman was in their calling. Meanwhile, Mic and Zeke are on their honeymoon in Costa Rica. 

Ben is led to part of Flight to 828. When he touches it, the calling comes back and he’s flung across the room. Turns out, Vance is with Ben. Back in NYC, a girl comes into the station looking for Mic, but Drea says they can’t help her. At the Stone house, with Olive and Mic’s help, Cal is able to identify the woman in their vision. It just so happens that the woman’s, Angelina, parents own a house where Mic and Zeke are vacationing. Of course.

Mic and Zeke go visit with Angelina’s parents. Upon her return, they said they couldn’t connect with her any longer. 


Drea and Jared are able to assist in finding out more about Angelina. Jared stays quiet for the call, and Drea tells him that he’s allowed to have feelings about Mic being on her honeymoon. The two honeymooners talk to one of Angelina’s friends, but she doesn’t know much about her whereabouts.

Cal and Grace have a checkup with Saanvi, and Grace asks if there’s a way to connect with Ben. She’s able to connect with Vance who tells them that they found the tailfin of the plane, but leaves out the tidbit that cops are wanting Ben to touch the tailfin again after what happened. Not having a choice, Ben touches the tailfin. Alas, nothing happens this time. It’s Vance to the rescue when things take a bad turn.

Vance and Ben are able to take the tailfin with them. Oh man, I forgot that the plane exploded. Vance tells Ben to go home without him. No!

Finding Angelina

Mic and Zeke return back to Angelina’s parents’ house. While there, Mic has another vision of Angelina, claiming that she had a bout of dizziness. The mother escorts Mic to the bathroom, and while Zeke waits, Zeke collapses. She runs back outside to help as Mic walks out of the bathroom. Ah, Zeke, sly. Going into the basement, which is super creepy looking, Mic is still experiencing her calling pains. She finds the woman, Angelina, down there. 

The couple brings Angelina back to their room to reassure her that she’s not crazy. They tell her that she is going to come back home with them. In fact, they all go back home together, including Ben. Oh my gosh, Ben making a joke to Mic about what year it’ll be when they land. I was just wondering how they felt being back on a plane!

The young woman returns to the station later to catch Jared. She thinks that he would help her out with her missing mother. She tells Jared that her mom’s disappearance might be in connection with Flight 828. WHAT! Her mom ends up being The Major. That was a plot twist that I didn’t see coming. Dang.

Uh, what

Ben tells Mic that they might’ve died on that flight. He thinks that, along with the plane, they too were resurrected. Mic wonders why God put them back on Earth, and Ben tells her that they are about to find out.

Grace reassures Cal that Angelina will be okay with them all protecting her. Cal tells Grace and Zeke that he’s been having weird feelings, like with the shadows. Uh…the lake where the three shadows were…turns out they are alive. WHAT.

More Manifest musings

  • Ben’s hair is looking real good this season. Reminds me of his hair in season 3 of OUAT. 
  • Awe Mic and Zeke just melt my heart. Also, that beach looks amazing.
  • Mic’s swimsuit — I want.
  • “Can’t exactly Uber home a tailfin.” Lol, Vance.
  • Zeke felt that Mic needed help? That is some real true love level stuff going on.
  • The relationship between Zeke and Cal is the cutest.
  • Awe, Saanvi.

Well, it’s good to have Manifest back. I am excited to see the twists and turns that’ll happen this season. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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