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‘Supergirl’ Season 6 premiere recap: “Rebirth”

We are back, after what seems like a million years!  Supergirl’s Season 6 premiered. One thing I must say, “We needed it!” Let’s dive in and see what our favorite superheroes are up to!


The premiere featured all our heroes, ranging from M’Gann to Acrata! It was nice to see them all in one place. With Leviathan shrunken, in a bottle, that left two baddies, Gemma Cooper and Lex Luthor. (Yes, Lex is still around.) 

Gemma Cooper was beat in about 5 minutes. Which in all honesty felt a little quick, considering how much time we spent on her last season. After Gemma’s demise, Lex was left with all Leviathan’s power. His Mother transferred all their powers into Lex. Cue Super Lex. 

Super Lex revealed his plan to his Mother. It goes a little something like…

The Plan

Lex’s plans are always the same. No matter what timeline, or Earth, you can always count on Lex to have the most predictable plan. This season is no different. 

  • Using Myriad Lex convinced all that were in Obsidian to worship him.
  • The people who weren’t in Obsidian would be killed by 12 satellites.
  • Finally, kill Supergirl and her Super Friends.

Thankfully, we won’t have to deal with Lex’s foolishness much longer. We will get to that later. The team must devise a plan to stop Super Lex. The way it was described, was super complicated, so let’s simplify it.


Super Friends must divide and concur. M’Gann and J’onn must mind mold and synchronize the satellites. Then, blow them up simultaneously. Brainy and Lena have to reverse Lex’s code and something technical and long… That’s right folks, Lena is back in the game! 

Meanwhile Kelly needs to hack Obsidian, while taking a pit stop to comfort Andrea Rojas. (Her Father blames her for Leviathan and Obsidian’s demise.) This sends Andrea onto her own path! Dreamer and Alex head to The Fortress with Supergirl.

Only one thing remains. How do you distract Lex Luthor? The same way you always do. Offer a Kryptonian as a sacrifice! Kara tells Lex she will let him kill her in exchange for him reversing the Obsidian code. Both sides know it is a trap but they meet anyways. 

Super Friends

Lex arrives to find Kara finishing her memory crystal. She stores her story in the fortress. Lex starts to kill Kara with kryptonite. He believes her to be dead and walks away. DON’T WORRY. Lena Luthor to the rescue!

“Activate Lena Luthor Protocol.”

The fortress lights up. A machine zooms out and covers Kara in the Kryptonite suit. Even when Lena isn’t there she still saves Kara. Can we all take a moment to appreciate this!

Lex begins to destroy the fortress with joy. Seriously, there is a whole sequence of him doing this. It’s hilarious. It doesn’t last too long. Kara and the Super Friends come crashing in. They all look so cool. It gives a lot of Team Arrow vibes. Can we also appreciate the fact that Alex has her own suit now? I don’t think we take enough time with that!

Return to the Phantom Zone

A wonderful battle montage ensues. How i’ve missed them. Lex sort of kicks everyone’s butts. The team pulls it together in the end. Alex saves the day! That’s right you did not mishear me. Alex Danvers saves the day. With her new mind machine she is able to make a gun disappear that holds the cure to making Lex mortal. 

She shoots the gun just as Lex holds up the Phantom Zone teleportation device. Things get out of control after that.

  1. Kara teleports to the phantom zone. 
  2. Alex’s shoots the crystal right through the machine, destroying it. 
  3. Lex becomes mortal. 

Lex starts one of his rants and Lena punches him out! It was everything! Bright side they saved the day. Dark side, Kara is stuck in the phantom zone and they have to figure out how to find her.

What did you think of the Season 6 premiere? Did you miss our Super Friends? How will we get Kara back? We will find out next week!

Supergirl airs on The CW, Tuesday nights at 9pm.


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