‘The Good Doctor’ 4×13 recap: “Spilled Milk”

The Good Doctor 4×13…are we ready?!

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 13, “Spilled Milk,” aired March 29, 2021.

So, last episode was A LOT, but oh so good. I promise not to make this recap a love letter to my newest TV ship: Morgan and Park. Sometimes promises get broken, but I will certainly try. From the previews, it looks like Claire is going to go through more emotional stuff, and Claire needs a dang break. Let’s see what happens this week!

Before you read on, be sure you read last week’s episode recap to catch up!

Baby on the way

The episode opens up with Shaun and Lea, and Lea seems to be having some nausea. Meanwhile, Park and Morgan are walking to work, and Morgan wants it to be clear it’s just sex and not some romancey thing. Okay, Morgan. I guess some relationships are going better than others on the show.

Claire starts her day off with her father knocking on her door, but before he can get much out, he has a stroke. At the hospital, her father seems to be in better spirits and wants to speak with Claire more, but she’s all business. It’s then that he reveals he has terminal cancer. Shaun, Park and Jordan are tasked with a patient who has more problems than they think. Shaun sums up that the patient’s blood ate up her bone. Woah.

Jordan tells Claire that her father refused the surgery. She then sits down with Claire to offer he some words of wisdom — Jordan is always so sweet.

Glassman is here for the advice

Apparently Glassman was only called into the room because Shaun wanted advice about Lea’s pregnancy. I loved Glassman’s response to that. However, Asher and him are also trying to figure out what to do for their patient. Shaun tells their patient there’s a chance she could die, and Andrews says amputation is an option. However, that would end her dance career, and before she goes through with the surgery, her and her partner do a routine. Asher then has a chat with his patient and tells her that she needs to tell her partner how she feels about him. 

Lim calls Claire into her office to tell her that once her father is discharged, he’ll die. Claire tells Lim that as a kid, she would wait for her father to come back to her, but he never did. Lim tells her that if she ignores her father, she’ll regret it later.

Morgan asks Park to come over, and he snaps at her for embarrassing him in front of Andrews. He tells her that maybe they shouldn’t be hooking up anymore and just go back to being work place associates, essentially. Oh, Morgan is just so confused, but I’m glad Park stood up to her because he deserves someone great! I think they’ll be able to figure things out…eventually. They better figure it out because I am still shipping it.

Forgiveness is hard

In the end, Claire does end up going to see her father before he leaves the hospital. He tells her that he’s always loved her and watching Claire’s reaction breaks my heart. Where is someone with that hug for her? Gosh. Before she walks away, she tells him he should go through with the surgery. He does go through with the surgery, after all. 

After Shaun and Lea’s argument, Lea goes to speak with him about how he views the baby. To help him feel a connection, she has him talk to the baby. This is really sweet — even if he mostly talks about his current patient’s condition. In the operation room, issues ensue that causes Asher to speak with the patient’s partner about the next step of amputation. Turns out, her partner ends up having them amputate her leg and tells her he’s going to be by her side. Awe.

Claire speaks to Shaun about forgiveness after what he went through previously with his own father. He offers her some sound advice that might lead to Claire giving her father a second chance. She tells her father that once he’s healed, he can take her for ice cream. I want Claire to be happy! 

“This is you being a decent human,” Park says to Morgan. This line is GOLD. Speaking of second chances, perhaps Park is willing to give Morgan one after her bout as being a decent human. Lol. After making amends, Park decides he’ll be nice sometimes before driving away to meet her at her place and letting her walk back in the rain. Oof! 

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Can someone give Claire a hug?
  • Morgan is being so hard on Park. Just let the man be sweet — he brought you coffee, girl!
  • Not to go on a fangirl rant, but Morgan and Park are really giving me early Captain Swan vibes. 
  • Lea and Shaun are being very cute about the baby.
  • That dance routine really makes me wish I was a good dancer.
  • Asher is such a sweet guy! The way he was there for his patient after her surgery was just amazing.
  • Glassman basically telling Shaun to get his butt to Lea’s appointment, despite her telling him not to come, was everything.

SO. MUCH. TENSION in this episode. What did you think of The Good Doctor 4×13? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts! See you next episode!


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