‘The Good Doctor’ 4×12 recap: “Teeny Blue Eyes”

Who’s ready for The Good Doctor 4×12?

Okay, so last week ended with quite the shock. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go back and read about last episode. Let’s see what happens this episode!

Decisions, decisions

The team (minus Park, Asher and Morgan) is tasked with a famous doctor who is a bit particular. It’s then that Shaun tells the doctor that he has autism. However, the doctor lashes out and demands brain surgery to help him get his job back. Andrews tells Shaun he’s not allowed to talk to the doctor about autism again.

The first person Shaun goes to about Lea’s pregnancy is Glassman. Shaun says he wants the baby, but he is concerned about sleep deprivation when the baby comes. Glassman points out all that Shaun needs to think about. 

Meanwhile, Morgan, Park and Asher are tasked with a patient who Park promptly discharges. Not before Morgan insults him. Even Asher is sensing the tension between them. *Face palm* 

Claire to the rescue and roommate bickering 

Lea asks Claire if Shaun’s autism is inheritable. Lea is unsure of what to do, and Claire offers her some great advice. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: Claire has such a good soul. Not only did Claire give Lea advice, but she gives Ricky advice about being a surgeon. 

Lim, Park and Asher operate on their patient after Morgan finds a diagnosis. In the operating room, the two (lovebirds) are going back and forth, back and forth. Lim is not all too impressed with their back and forth and tells them to shut up. Oh, Lim, you’re just great.

Park tells their patient a surgery they could give him, but it would be risky. He says he wants to go ahead and do it.

OH MY GOD. Park just said he was attracted to Morgan! But he says he’s teasing, and Morgan doesn’t like that she has a roommate who hit on her, so she asks him to move out. Excuse me. That was the opposite that I wanted to happen.

Morgan scrubs in

Park tells Lim that Morgan needs to scrub into the operating room because she knows what the issue is. As she scrubs out, Park says they make a good team, but that doesn’t make her change her mind about him moving out. Where the heck is he supposed to go, Morgan?

Meanwhile, Claire finds Shaun upset outside. I’ve missed interactions between these two — they have such a great friendship. Shaun is worried that his child might not have friends, and he doesn’t know how he can be a good father. Claire tells Shaun, that over the years, he’s changed for the better. She tells him that he’ll be a great father.

Shaun returns to his patient’s room and tells the man he is capable of change. Even though the man asks Shaun to leave the room, he doesn’t. In fact, he sets down the yellow cup that had broken, all put together again. It’s then that the patient begins to open up to Shaun.

Minds made up?

Shaun comes home to Lea with a list, and she actually has a list, too. They both agree that since they’re having doubts, it isn’t a good time to have a baby. However, Lea decides she wants to have the baby and Shaun agrees. There’s a baby on the way! 

Shaun’s patient ends up being successfully discharged, but not before thanking Shaun and Ricky. Morgan and Park’s patient also had a successful surgery.

Claire finds Ricky clearing out his locker, and he reveals he’s transferring. Aw, why? Ricky telling Claire to do something for herself is such a mood. She deserves some happiness! Park also packs away his things, and when Morgan asks if he was actually teasing about being attracted to her, he says no. STOP. OH MY GOSH THEY KISSED. THEY KISSED, YOU GUYS. This is all I wanted. I ship it. 

More The Good Doctor musings

  • I am going to say it now in case it happens: Morgan and Park just need to kiss already!
  • Park saying ‘humble brag’ is 2011 lol
  • You guys probably can’t tell, but I am here for Morgan and Park. 
  • I love that Ricky called out their patient. Good for him for speaking up and standing up for Shaun. 
  • Omg, I love Claire.
  • Shaun telling his patient that he misses Melendez. Me too, Shaun, me too.

And that’s a wrap for The Good Doctor 4×12. Wow, that was an intense and great episode. What did you think? Sound off below or tweet us with your thoughts! 


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