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‘The Flash’ 7×03 review: “Mother”

Moving backwards to go forwards

The Flash season 7 episode 3, “Mother”, aired on 16 March 2021.

According to cast members, this would have been the finale of The Flash season 6. I imagine the script underwent some cuts to fit it into season 7 , because this episode underwhelmed at times. Like it was just trying to get things out of the way.

Basic plot rundown: after emotionless Barry outed Eva as a mirror duplicate on national television, she went down a mad spiral and decided to replace everyone on Earth with mirror duplicates. She begins calling herself Mirror Monarch (I do like that name). Naturally, this causes mass chaos all over Central City as people realise their close ones suddenly behaving differently. Ultimately, Barry and a recovered Iris talk her down from her evil plan. She recalls all her mirror dupes and returns the humans to the correct dimension.

Pretty standard as far as things go. It’s the in-between moments that break ground.

Harrison Wells, the original

The scene-stealer from last week. Right when Barry needed a pep-talk, this man just TELEPORTED there and delivered one to him. Something about the fusion of the timeline after Crisis on Infinite Earths made it possible for this Wells to manifest after the others were removed from the timeline. As if the universe needs a Wells no matter what.

“Of all the Wells, you were the one I wanted to meet the most” – Barry to Dr Harrison Wells

That he was formed out of the remains of the previous Wellses gives him pieces of their memories and the ability to time travel.

Though similar in appearance to S1’s Eobard/Wells and S2’s Harry, Dr Harrison Wells OG stands out in his own way. The transparent-frame glasses are softer and less menacing. He is nerdy, has a healthier sense of humour, and is less harsh when he speaks.

It remains to be seen whether Dr Wells will be a regular this season, however. At the end of the episode, he chooses to return to his time to spend it with his wife, Tess. Before, you know, Eobard showed up and everything went to shits. At least his appearance allow Cisco and Allegra to finally say goodbye to Nash in a way.

WestAllen is the key again

This couple. Every time I think they’ve used up every possible soulmate trope there is, they go and invent another one.

Rewind to season 1. Iris stays by the bed of comatose Barry, begging him to wake up. She touches his hand. There is a spark. Later, she feels the same spark with the Flash and figures out he is Barry.

Now, Barry sits by Iris’ bedside, begging her to come back to him. He touches her hand. There is a spark. Iris stops spasming.


And then, because of this spark, they realise Iris is the key to powering the artificial speed force. Now Barry can have his speed without losing himself – because Iris is his lightning rod. She grounds him.

the flash chester westallen

“I may be the paragon if love but that’s only because you’re my heart.” – Barry to Iris

Side note: during the repowering of the ASF, there is a moment where Dr Harrison Wells finally sees his work (the particle accelerator) in action. And the look of accomplishment on his face. More on that later.

And I do love that as Barry ran towards love, the flashbacks showed not only Iris but his friends and family too.

Team Flash team up to take down

At the crux of the episode, the Flash, Killer Frost, and Vibe (well, Cisco in his Vibe suit with some fancy sonic glove) battled Eva and her mirror dupes while Yonaka’s “Teach Me To Fight” plays. (Has this song been on Teen Wolf? It feels like it was.)

It was a fight scene for fight scene’s sake in the end, but it was very cool nonetheless.

Speaking of Team Flash, we finally catch up with Ralph and Sue. The dismissal of Hartley Sawyer meant they had to be creative while wrapping up this plotline. To get around it, Sue explains that Eva lured them to McCulloch tech with a potential lead to clear Sue’s name, before setting off an explosion. The pair survived, but Ralph got his face melted. So he has to wear this Daft Punk-y helmet in the meantime. I guess Barry never travelled forward in time to see Daft Punk break up.

Ralph and Sue leave Team Flash to travel the world taking down international Black Hole ops. Ralph promises to send Killer Frost a Book of Ralph volume 3.

The damned ending tag again

The Flash wouldn’t be returning to a season 1-inspired formula if it didn’t leave us hanging in the end. After all the happy resolutions, we turn back time to the moment the artificial speed force lightning entered Barry in the pipeline. This time, we see that not only did the speed force enter Barry again, it also released lots of lightning out the roof of Star Labs, radiating all over town. Kinda like the particle accelerator explosion. Because of course.

No wonder Dr Wells had that look.


  • “Our love is as strong as the lightning bolt that hit me.”
  • “Is it really you?”/“No, it’s Chewbacca.” – Cisco and Kamilla reuniting.
  • Quote of the week from my notes: SINGH IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fave!!!

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