‘The Good Doctor’ 4×11 recap: “We’re All Crazy Sometimes”

Who is ready for The Good Doctor 4×11? ME.

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 11, “We’re All Crazy Sometimes,” aired March 8, 2021.

Okay, can you believe that it’s already March? Anyway, there is still much to discuss, so let’s do this! Like, so much!

Don’t forget to brush up on the last episode before reading on.

New week, new cases

Glassman introduces the whole team (minus Shaun and Morgan) to a patient with spinal issues. The man has been to many surgeons who told him that he could not be fixed. This poor guy. When Glassman says he needs two surgeons to help with the surgery, all of them are more than willing to do so. In the end, after having them all practice on a model, Glassman chooses Claire and Asher.

Shaun and Morgan are with a patient who has seemingly just passed when Shaun sees a twitch of her finger. The husband tells Morgan to hook his wife back up to life support. Morgan insists that Shaun tell the husband that the twitch that he saw was nothing. 

Andrews tells Glassman that he thinks something is up with him, which is why he’s trying to do this surgery. Huh. I wonder what could be going on with him.

Limits and support

Jordan, Morgan and Shaun are looking more into the patient’s issue, where they find that the woman has cancer. Turns out, the twitch was a reaction to the tumor disturbing her nerves. Unfortunately, the woman still does not seem to have a chance of being saved, but her husband insists that she stay on life support. During the surgery, the patient opens her eyes. Oh my gosh! 

After Andrews gives the patient some of the possible issues, the man decides not to go through with the surgery. Before discharging the man, Glassman gives him some advice, and man, it was some powerful advice. 

Meanwhile, Lea is trolling the man who stole her car, and Shaun has vowed to be 100% supportive. Some people send angry emails, but Lea makes hundreds of Yelp accounts to smear the man’s business instead. 

Miracles do happen

When the woman wakes up, she realizes that she’s been in a coma for 10 years. Wow, seriously, talk about a miracle. Morgan returns to her apartment in the middle of her shift to see Park still figuring out what he did wrong. I was honestly waiting for them to just kiss already — JUST DO IT. The chemistry is there, and I don’t care what anyone says. We still have time. 

Shaun calls Morgan back to the hospital to tell her the woman’s wakefulness is merely temporary. Noooo. The husband is still insistent that she will return back to him, so Morgan goes directly to the patient to make the final decision. 

The man ends up going through with the surgery, and Glassman makes fun of Andrews’s caps while doing so. I like having some humor thrown into the show because sometimes, it can be REALLY sad. In the midst of the surgery, the man’s heart goes into failure. His legs also are also swelling up. It’s then that Andrews says the surgery must be reversed. 

Figuring it out

Morgan’s patient decides she doesn’t want to be put back on life support. She ends up passing shortly after.

In happier news, Glassman’s patient endures a successful surgery after all. They are able to help him. He helps the man walk with a walker, and I have goosebumps! He gives Glassman a hug, something the man has wanted to do for some time now. Okay, I am officially in tears. This is so touching. 

Shaun and Lea arrive at the towing place, and Shaun ends up pretending to pay for the towing fee. Actually, he did end up paying for the towing fee. However, he was a little more sly than Lea assumed, and they break away with her car. Dang! Meanwhile, Claire and Asher do things that make them feel closer to their mothers. This friendship is cute, and I am onboard with it!

More The Good Doctor musings

  • Starting your day off by your car getting towed is not the right start to your day.
  • Today is International Women’s Day, and it is so fitting that Claire is just being amazing and smart af, per usual! And all the other bad ass women on this show — yes, girls!
  • Park’s reaction after not being chosen for Glassman’s surgery is so upsetting to me.
  • Hearing this man talk about his childhood is making me tear up. Gosh.
  • The husband never giving up on his wife after being in a coma for 10 years is simply amazing. 
  • Morgan and Shaun’s patient is the Snow Queen from Once Upon a Time! I miss that show.
  • Awe Claire singing. 
  • Andrews giving Glassman the cases that he thought were too impossible, awe again.
  • Lea just revealed she was pregnant. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH. And that’s a wrap for The Good Doctor 4×11. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts! 


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