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‘The Flash’ 7×01 recap: “All’s Well That Ends Wells”

A new season of The Flash begins with an end

The Flash season 7 episode 1 aired on 2 March 2021.

Hello everyone. We are in MARCH. Of the year twenty-twenty-one. This madness has been going on for A YEAR. How are we?

I feel like even before the madness of 2020 really took hold, the last season of The Flash was quite wild on its own. So to quickly recap:

This dude Joseph takes over his wife Eva’s company after she supposedly dies in (surprise surprise the particle accelerator explosion. He also secretly runs an op called Black Hole that hires metavillains as assassins. Eva – who’s actually been trapped in the mirrorverse this whole time – isn’t too happy about her husband’s schemes, and hatches an evil plot to cancel out his evil doings. She drags Iris, Kamilla, and my fave guy Captain Singh into the mirrorverse while she escapes and kills Joseph. She frames Sue Dearborn (future last name Dibny) for the murder.

Elsewhere, Nash Wells, the sole Wells survivor from the multiverse merge (see: Crisis on Infinite Earths) sees and hears the other Wellses in his head. Also, the speed force died because of the spectre in Crisis, so Barry only has a few days (tops) of speed left. But our EPIC (echo: epic, epic) friend Chester is working on building a new speed force.

Whew. That was a lot. Now, bring on season 7.

Topsy Turvy

Eva McCulloch – dressed in a cool new suit – takes down her latest target: Sam Scudder, the OG mirror master. He apparently worked for Black Hole.

Cecile questions Sam’s girlfriend Top, the girl who causes vertigo. Turns out Top wasn’t happy with the Black Hole arrangement and sold Mirror Master out to her new Mirror Mistress. Cecile also learns the hard way that Top’s ability to cause vertigo is an extension of empathic powers, much like Cecile’s own.

Inside the mirrorverse, Iris finds herself on a romantic dinner date with Barry. However, she soon discovers the ruse and the scene turns into a nightmare. visions of past and future Irises haunt and taunt her. Eventually, she realises Eva is trying to keep her occupied so she doesn’t find her way out of the mirrorverse. After confronting the woman, she strikes a mirror in anger and it ripples.

I think my “Iris eventually learns to manipulate the mirrorverse” theory might have something to it.

The Council Reconvenes

Chester and Nash Wells are close to creating an artificial speed force for Barry. However, they need an energy source for their fusion reactor thingy. Nash gets scientific consul from Harry, HR, Sherloque, and new guy Harrison Orson Wells. If that name tells you anything, Orson Wells is an artsy director type.

The Council of Wells tell Nash that he has multiversal particles in his body thanks to their presence. These particles can power the artificial speed force, with the small side effect of Nash sacrificing himself. No biggie.

Nash, naturally, doesn’t want to die. So he tries an alternative: using Allegra’s EM control to transfer the multiversal particles to the reactor. It doesn’t work except to blast Barry with a ton of multiversal particles. It doesn’t give Barry more speed, but it does imbue him with brainwaves from all the Wells. Chester is very excited to learn there is a wizard Wells out there.

“(gasps) You know Gandalf” – Chester

The fun can only last so long, however. Barry soon collapses because the multiversal particles are literally frying his brain. Only his speed healing is keeping him alive. Nash explains to Allegra that she can transfer the particles back to Nash, but in doing so he also reveals he was afraid of being the organic receptor.

While Barry heals, Harry’s brainwaves take over and give Nash a pep talk. Nash says the Wells are all good men and he isn’t, but Harry says they were broken men. Team Flash helped them be better.

The Flash recharged

Cecile uses Top’s power against her to find out what Top’s deal with Eva was. Top has rigged a jet carrying powerful weaponry to explode over Central City. I suppose this would kill all the Black Hole metas, along with everyone else.

Nash uses himself as the organic receptor. Everyone tries to dissuade him, but he says “The council made a decision” to help Barry. He feels proud and honoured to help the Flash. Then one by one, the other Wellses take over to say their goodbyes to Barry. My heart.

Harry Wells is the last go, saying the eternal words, “Run, Barry, Run”. 

Nash disintegrates. The reactor powers up the pipeline and charges up the Flash.

Barry, with his new speed, rips the bomb off the plane no problem and flings it away to safely detonate in the stratosphere. (I feel like in the long run, things might not be that simple. Like particle accelerator 2.0.) He returns to Star Labs to find a distressed Allegra, a stunned Chester, and a pile of ashes that is all that’s left of the Wellses.

As the trio recoup, Chester and Allegra’s cement their place in Team Flash. Chester lets Allegra call him ‘Chuck’.

I highly doubt we’ve seen the end of the Wellses. Maybe they will be the new impersonation of the speed force as Nora Allen and Jay Garrick had been before.

Eva on a trip

Eva McCulloch finds a video of her in her late husband’s files. Upon watching the video, she realises that she is a mirror duplicate. Joseph Carver was right when he said his wife died during the particle accelerator explosion. OH MY DAYS. This is trippy.


  • Why do I feel like Carlos is leaving and Chester is here to replace Cisco? I love Chester, but will miss Cisco dearly.
  • “Give me back my wife!!!” This season will give us so much WestAllen feels. 
  • The use of ‘Run Through Walls’ by The Script in Team Flash’s final scenes was top notch.
  • No Caitlin/Killer Frost or Cisco this week, but they are in next week’s photos! So is Kamilla.

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