‘The Good Doctor’ 4×10 recap: “Decrypt”

Are you ready for The Good Doctor 4×10?

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 10, “Decrypt,” aired February 22, 2021.

After the promo last week for tonight’s episode, I am a little excited but also nervous to watch. The pressure seems to be on Lea, that’s for sure. Before you read on, don’t forget to read up on what happened in last week’s episode. Let’s see what happens this week!

VERY bad days

A man who almost drowned in a triathlon is brought into the ER. While Olivia is attempting to get a chest tube, she’s unable to get into the case. Claire comes in and breaks the glass. Claire is such a bad ass! A nurse comes by with news that all systems are down. Uh oh.

Lea’s day isn’t starting out too hot: parking ticket and a flat tire. That’s a Monday mood, for sure. Work doesn’t seem all that better, as Lea confirms that the hospital’s systems are completely hacked, and they’re unable to access any of their data. She’s trying to persuade Glassman not to pay the ransom. He let’s her do her techy thing, but she only has 24 hours to figure it out. I am stressed on her behalf! However, their insurance rep thinks he can bargain with the hackers, but instead, they double the ransom with threats to erase some VERY important information. Gosh.

Morgan wants to help her patient, and enlists a team to help her find a liver donor for the patient. 

Morgan does have a heart 

Thankfully, Claire and Shaun tell their patient that his cancer has not come back, but he’s not completely out of the woods. The man wants the required surgery, and he is optimistic that he will be okay. It’s as complications arise that the man reveals that he never actually had cancer — he lost his leg from a drunken motorcycle accident. Therefore, his whole success has been based off a lie. Wow. He rationalizes it by the work he has done for raising money for cancer. That still doesn’t make it okay, man. 

The woman who was donating her liver, unfortunately, is unable to donate her liver due to a minor illness. When Morgan asks if she’s willing to donate her kidney, she immediately accepts. Morgan then gets back with her team to set up a new plan to save her patient and others by finding another person to round out her plan. Love this compassionate side of Morgan.

Glassman comes to tell Lea that the insurance rep has dealt with the hackers and received a lower ransom. She doesn’t stop working as Glassman tells her that she can keep working at it until her time is up.


Lea manages to save the computer systems with three hours left on the clock. Success, indeed! But Glassman won’t call it a day until she is 100% sure about her success, since she is only 95% sure. 

Lim comes in to tell Claire and Shaun that a reporter wants to write an expose on their patient. Uh oh. Due to that, Lim tells Claire she is no longer on the case. I wish Claire and Lim would be friends again. When Shaun asks if Lim would fire Claire if she was the one who leaked the story, she says she would. During surgery, Olivia tells Lim she was the one who called the reporter. At the end of her confession, Lim tells Olivia to scrub out. This isn’t good.

Morgan and team end up finding someone, an ex-murder, but the original donor doesn’t want to save that man’s life. Jordan ends up giving a fake backstory of the man to the woman to convince her to think about going though with the surgery. The woman ends up going through with the transplant. 


With minutes to spare, Lea saves the system in the hospital. She even gets an invite to a poker night at Glassman’s, so I guess she really made waves with him. Speaking of making progress, Lim shows up at Claire’s with a peace offering. I am so glad they’re back to being friends. 

Morgan tells her patient that she can call her if she needs anything. I love this side of Morgan — maybe it’s Park that has been influencing her niceness.

Bad news, Olivia has been fired, and Claire tries to convince her to stay and that she’ll talk to Lim on her behalf. Even Shaun says he’ll miss Olivia, but he won’t hug her. Oh, Shaun. Andrews finds Olivia to tell her that he was the one who called the reporter. Dang, Andrews — I did not see that coming! It’s then that Olivia reveals she doesn’t want to be a doctor, so she felt being fired was her way out of finding what she wants to do. Awe. 

More The Good Doctor musings

  • Glassman and Lea’s banter always makes the show.
  • Is this episode actually set on a Monday? Because all this bad stuff just screams Monday.
  • Morgan’s care toward her patient is really sweet, and I am so glad they’re working on her character development again.
  • Jordan’s button down shirt: I want. 
  • Excuse me, that look Park just gave Morgan! Listen, I know I am alone in this, but I ship it.
  • That hug between Morgan and Park. Come on, you guys, I just can’t help it.
  • Andrews and Olivia’s relationship is sweet, and I’m glad he says he’ll support her in whatever she does.
  • Omg, Lea really went to Glassman’s for poker. 

This episode certainly kept me on the edge of my seat. What did you think of The Good Doctor 4×10? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts! 


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