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‘Walker’ 1×05: “Duke” recap

The past just keeps coming back to haunt him.

Walker 1×05, Season 1, Episode 5, “Duke” aired on The CW February 18 2021

In Walker 1×05, The past just keeps coming back to haunt Cordell and this time, he’s jumping back in head first. Thankfully, Cordell has the world’s best partner and he won’t be facing his demons alone. Here’s what went down! 

Duke is back. When Cordell was undercover and away from his family for a year, he got involved in a crew called the Rodeo Kings and may have gotten a little too close to the woman in the picture August found. He dunks his head in some water (which helps him go from Duke to Cordell and back again) and heads out to meet Twyla at a motel.  

Walker, Texas bank robber? Are we to believe that our beloved (although sometimes sketchy) Cordell is somehow mixed up in the bank robbery game for real? Thanks to August’s meddling and Twyla text reply to Duke, the FBI’s watch on Twyla is triggered. Twyla thinks Cordell has the missing $300,000 from the bank robbery, and it seems like the FBI agent agrees with her. Who’s lying? 

Walker — “Duke” — Image Number: WLK105b_0901r — Pictured (L-R): Karissa Lee Staples as Twyla Jean — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Keep the circle small. Micki is not one to sit back and let her partner walk into a lion’s den – well, not alone anyway. The moment she learned why the FBI was sniffing around Walker, she decided that she needed to go undercover too. While Walker and Twyla got cozy again, one of the rodeo robbers enters the bar with a pistol and rotten look. Micki jumps right in (despite Cordell’s angry look) she joins the circle. Micki and Cordell’s bond and their banter is so amazing in this episode. Also, MICKI ON A BULL! AHHH! So amazing! 

New job for the Rodeo Kings. In order to get the 300K that is missing from the last job, the Rodeo Kings (plus Micki) are going to pull another job. It’s a great plan because it will give the FBI enough to arrest them and put them behind bars. But as they prep for the job, Cordell suddenly remembers something from the first robbery about where the money might be. Twyla makes a break for the money! 

August. What the actual f*ck?! After this is all over, can someone sit August down and explain to him how very dumb and dangerous it was for him to try to confront his dad while he was undercover? Even if he thought his dad was leaving again, he had to know that getting involved was dumb and if he didn’t know, he needs to spend some serious time getting this all explained to him. Like now. 

Coach Trey. Up until now we have really only seen Trey in Micki’s life, but now he’s got a job as the coach of Stella’s team. Stella’s team has a tough loss and Cordell didn’t show up at the game, so Stella is hurting and Trey sees it. This pairing is not one we expected, but we are digging it. Trey has a general idea of what Stella’s been through, but he’s there for the sport and he knows that playing for herself is what’s going to help Stella. 

walker 1x05
Walker — “Duke” — Image Number: WLK105b_0340r — Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Brothers! Liam on the legal side and Cordell on the undercover law side gives us such an interesting look into this case, both now and then. Liam didn’t listen to Cordell back then about when to arrest the Rodeo Kings and people got killed. It’s a guilt we see him carrying pretty heavily in this episode. We really get to see that love between these two and we are here for it. It seems like Liam is really starting to really see Cordell and to understand what he’s been up against all this time. 

Trey and Micki. From the very first episode, it has been clear that Micki has had some issues with commitment. It’s also been very clear that Micki has some serious issues with her mother, so when Trey floats the idea of taking Micki home to meet his mom, she freaks. After the events of the day, she realizes that she’s in it for the long haul with Trey and she is projecting her issues with her mom onto Trey’s mom, which isn’t fair. Kisses and hugs and all is right with the world! Love these two so much! 

Emily’s murder. Liam and Captain James are on the same (and secret) page. Something about Emily’s murder doesn’t add up. What could this mean? 

Truth time. FINALLY, there is some truth telling time. Cordell didn’t get a chance to explain in the morning before he left, but after everything went down and Duke “died” Cordell took some time to chat with the kids – and give Duke a proper ending. They burn the Duke box and say their goodbyes in a very sweet family healing moment. 

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