‘Superstore’ 6×09 recap: “Conspiracy”

Is Zephra controlling the minds of the Cloud9 employees?!

Superstore 6×09 “Conspiracy” aired February 11, 2021.

In Superstore 6×09, Zephra has come with some changes for the store that push Glenn to think the company is controlling the employees’ minds… Also, Cheyenne and Mateo and Jonah and Garrett are facing some friendship problems.

Here’s what went down in Superstore 6×09:

Cheyenne VS. Mateo

In last week’s episode, Cheyenne and Mateo had a fight about their different working styles as floor manager. This week, their fight still hasn’t resolved, as they keep throwing jabs at each other any chance they get. But are they really fighting or do they simply enjoy the attention it brings to them?

Indeed, everyone at the store seems to take part in their fight… or at least, until Sayid comes with the news that his girlfriend broke up with him. Then, the attention switches towards him, which subsequently brings Cheyenne and Mateo closer again. They find that fighting without an audience is much less interesting. And so, after staging a fight together that doesn’t work as they meant to, all is well again between the two best friends by the end of the episode.

One fight leads to another

Meanwhile, the fight between Cheyenne and Mateo reminds Jonah of his first fight with Garrett, back when they were still roommates. Unfortunately for him, Garrett doesn’t seem to remember said fight. It hurts Jonah’s feelings, as he considers it an important moment in their friendship. It hurts even more when Garrett seems to remember facts about a random customer but can’t remember anything about their fight.

This leads Jonah to tell Garrett how much he cares about him. As it turns out though, Garrett is not the only one who forgot about a fight they had — Jonah forgot about one too from back when he was still with Amy. Or at least, that’s what Garrett tells him. Their conversation has to be put on hold though, when Glenn starts to talk about quitting his job…

Too many changes for Glenn

Zephra has come with some changes for the store, which doesn’t please Glenn much. Especially when he learns that he can’t greet customers with the famous Cloud9 phrase “Have a heavenly day”. After he does some research about the company on the Internet, Glenn comes to the conclusion that Zephra wants to control the employees’ minds. No less!

Marcus and Sandra support this theory, with the three of them being suspicious of one room where nobody except Zephra employees is allowed to go in. Dina tries to resonate with them, but there’s no making them listen to her. Glenn even thinks Zephra is already controlling Dina’s mind. In the end, after storming into the Zephra-employees-only room, Glenn realizes that the company is not trying to control their minds.

He’s still not happy with all the changes though, and that’s when he starts considering quitting his job. Thankfully, Dina, Garrett and Jonah are here to change his mind. All he needed was a little push, and the possibility to say “Have a heavenly day” again…

Some more thoughts

  • It’s cute to hear Jonah tell Garrett how much he means to him. They truly have a great friendship!!!
  • I like that this season gives more focus to characters who were only secondary characters in the previous seasons, like Sayid.
  • Of course Marcus believes in conspiracy theories. Who’s surprised?
  • I really love when we get to see Garrett’s soft side.

And you, what did you think of Superstore 6×09? Hit the comments and let us know!

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