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‘Legacies’ 3×02 recap: Did we really say goodbye to [SPOILER]?

My Camelot fantasy has been crushed!

Legacies 3×02 “Goodbyes Sure Do Suck” aired on January 28, 2021

Tonight’s episode of Legacies took us for a bit of a ride. We said goodbye to one of the original cast members, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. We were also introduced to what seems to be the big bad of the season, which I’m not sure how I feel about, either.

Let’s get right into it and break it all down!

Goodbye Raf?!?

What?! No! Just when things were getting really good for Raf, we had to say goodbye. Call me the nerdiest of all the nerds, but I was really feeling the Camelot thing and was hoping for a full-blown LARPing arc for our Super Squad. Remember the Mikaelson flashbacks with Katerina Petrova? The Medieval vibes—I live! Ugh, and Hope in her knight garb?! More please.

I must say in retrospect the show has hinted at Raf’s departure for some time, so subconsciously I’ve been prepared for this. I did tear up at the reunion with his parents, and the prison world was a nice twist. What I’m anxious for now is what comes next. (And you better believe I’m hoping for Raf’s triumphant return with a Medieval army!)

How will Raf’s death affect Landon?

The end of the episode hinted at a ton of turmoil to come between Hope and Landon. Hope has a lot of her daddy in her, and if you thought she was overprotective when Landon was the most immortal, we haven’t seen anything yet. Landon read Hope on all of her concerns and how they’ll prevent the two of them from ever being happy… and with Alyssa and Ted raising Malivore and all the monsters to rule the Earth (and get revenge on the Salvatore School), Handon’s love will be tested like never before. What will Hope do when she sees every monster in the history of monsters are wreaking havoc (all at once) and Landon is completely defenseless?

Malivore is coming back: Do we care?

Listen, I’m all for return-baddies and the nostalgia that comes with them (scream: Kai Parker.) If The CW announced a Necromancer spinoff with Ted and Alyssa playing The Odd Couple, I’d be ecstatic. However, when the end of the episode was The Oracle confirming to Ted and Alyssa that their master plan would indeed be executed, I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed. 

BUT, the good thing is, the reason the TVDU has such a dedicated fan base is that it always finds new, exciting, and unexpected ways to surprise its viewers. Remember when we were bored with the Silas storyline in The Vampire Diaries, then Plec and Co. [SPOILER’S AHEAD] dropped the bomb that Stefan was a hot-danged doppelgänger/Shadow Self of Silas?! I literally YouTube that cliff scene once a month.

The Oracle said Ted and Alyssa’s plan would be “executed”, not that it would succeed in their favor. My guess is that Alyssa and Ted will unleash something much scarier than Malivore with their plan to take over the world (am I secretly wishing it’s a Ripper/baddie version of Hope? Absolutely.)

There’s a lot more to break down! Tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh and @pure_fandom.

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Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST/8pmCST on The CW.


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