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‘Charmed’ Season 3 Premiere recap: Top Moments from “An Inconvenient Truth”

Charmed, Ep 3×01, “An Inconvenient Truth” aired on Jan 24, 2021

The magic is back, Witches! The Vera-Vaughn pick things up where we abruptly left off thanks to Covid last year. Thankfully, they gifted us with a quick recap of Season 2 highlights. Meeting Jordan. Julian and his evil Aunty kidnapping magical creatures. That badass assassin turning out to be Harry’s Darklighter. Hacy finally making things official. And now here we are at the start of a new season. Granted the show plans to wrap-up the leftover story elements from last year with the first three episodes of S3.

On the Hunt

Last season, Julian and his people up the ante on his search for Macy by plastering her face all over the Internet. He also offers a $1mil award for any information. Sure it’s the name Macy Flores, but if anyone hadn’t heard that the Charmed Ones were still alive and kicking, they’d know for sure with Julian outing Macy. The sisters and Harry put their heads together and come up with the plan to use The Clarion potion. Generally, I don’t side with the Elders when they ban things, but a “mind virus” as Harry calls it sounds like a really, super bad idea.

Speaking of bad ideas, Harry’s still on the “Maggie, please erase my deep abiding love for your big sister” train. Foolish, foolish man. I was instantly irked that he would ask Maggie to use her power in a way that would definitely cause her sister pain. Sure his heart is in the right place. He’s terrified that his feelings will compromise his ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of Macy and her sisters. I get that, but…this is not the way.

Why? As becomes apparent throughout the episode, Maggie has little control over this nascent. Don’t get me wrong. Watching Maggie accidentally using her “inception” power on Mel was hella fun, but that was mostly because it Melonie Diaz had a chance to get silly with her usually broody and uber-serious character. She goes from practically bouncing off the walls to emo girl curled up on the couch. Sure, Maggie’s power helped them figure out the answer to getting Jimmy to help them figure out Julian’s secret, but Maggie had no control over what was happening. That and the effect seemed to be temporary.

Cursed Girl in Painting

Jordan’s curse rears its head at a really bad time. Just as he’s packing up to disappear for a while, Jordan is tasked with saving a descendent of the witches that his own ancestor wronged. He can’t go to Maggie for help and so he teams up with Abby. She does him the favor and seems super fixated on the magical hourglass counting down his timed mission. Thanks to her association with the Charmed Ones and being a terrible person (likely more the latter), she doesn’t exactly have a busy calendar.

The duo manage to track down Eleanor Anderson and rescue her from the painting where she’s been trapped and tormented by an Ogre. We don’t get to see the Ogre, though. Back at Abby’s place, she’s ready to cash in her favor. How awesome is Jordan? He’s not interested in her personally and he won’t do anything to help her the sisters. Alas, she’s more concerned with her own sister. Wait…another sibling? Is this another Caine offspring or a sister from her mother’s side of the family. It seems that we will find out sooner or latter. Abby wants Jordan to track her sister down and give her a message.

Siren’s Tongue and Cosplay

Science!Bae Macy is back in a big way in this week’s episode. There she goes balancing magic and logic like the pro she is. Plus, she’s got one helluva right hook. She’s got a potentially Uber villain for an ex on her tail and the man she loves is having secretive conversations with her little sister who can mess around with people’s feelings. Macy calls Harry out and pushing until something amazing happens. This show takes on two of my least favorite tropes and seems to stomp them into oblivion. About 80% of the time, most shows and writers appear afraid to  mess with the “will they, won’t they” dynamic in potential relationships. Sure, they could’ve had Harry and Macy hook up last season and then had Harry break things off as it seemed threatened in the Season 2 finale and early parts of this episode.

Maybe, that’s still a possibility, but Harry and Macy do something that has eluded some of my favorite couples in past shows. They have an entire, whole-ass adult conversation. Macy is not playing around. Not with the skeevy looking trader who tries to get one over on them at Ragnar Row. Not with Julian and his evil Aunty. And certainly not with the man she loves. Life is too short. She wants to be with him and she’s clearly willing to work at it without using magic as a temporary fix. How could Harry not love this woman? It was especially funny when he insisted that he didn’t want to be with anyone else either. Like, really Harry. Why are you even arguing with her  about this?

Harry is so gone over this woman. If Maggie somehow managed to wipe away those feelings, how long do you think it would take for him to fall for Macy all over again? My guess would be not overlong. They both nerd out over the same things. Seriously, how adorable were they with their post-apocalyptic and safari cosplay. The scarves turned face masks were a pretty cool touch.

Harry and Macy manage to get the missing ingredient they need for the Clarion potion, but Macy wants one last chance to offer Julian proof that magic can’t save his sister. Again, Macy proves to be a badass figuring out that Viv has been using a drug on poor Rosemary that will give Julian false hope that the comatose woman is being revived thanks to the Black Amber. 

He’s a Good Man

Jimmy gets a fresh start. His memory is wiped thanks to the Clarion potion and the girls leave him out in the world. I’ve got a bad feeling about this one. What can go wrong setting loose a “mind virus” infecting everyone that Jimmy speaks to? So many things. We’ll find out sooner than later because our show is BACK. What did you think of the premiere.

Best Moments/Lines

– Harry looks practically giddy when Macy agrees to trade the necklace Julian gave her. Then again when he kidnaps the other man.

– Julian less worried about being kidnapped and geeking out over the magical force field that Macy had him trapped in.

– Mel’s entire cheery montage and wanting to bake cookies and make up with Ruby.

– Harry losing his shoes in trade.

– The Ragnar Row trader offering to sell Macy 100% pure Witch Blood. “I have plenty at home” – Macy

– “She’s not playing” – Harry

“Cruella de Viv’s got a stockpile of money, manpower, and magic.” -Macy

Damn, I’ve missed these people. What were your favorite moments and lines from this week’s all new episode, “An Inconvenient Truth”?


New episodes of Charmed air each week at 9/8c on The CW


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