‘The Good Doctor’ 4×08 recap: “Parenting”

Who is ready for The Good Doctor 4×08?! WE ARE.

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 8, “Parenting,” aired January 25, 2021.

This week, we are meeting the parents! That is a big step, and sometimes it can be very stressful. Let’s see how Shaun does meeting Lea’s parents. Don’t forget to refresh your mind on last week’s episode before reading more.

Parents coming to town

Lea informs Shaun that her parents are dropping by, and that they are very judgmental about her relationships. To which she tells Shaun that she knows Glassman doesn’t like her still. In the hospital rooms, a young gymnast tells Shaun and Claire that she ate some noodles that are supposed to be very bad for you. Apparently, Shaun also says she has the bone density of an 80-year-old woman. Woah. The surgery she would have to undergo would mean the end of her gymnastics career, but she refuses to do it.

Claire brings up the motorcycle accident to Lim. However, she doesn’t really want to get into things. Park and Jordan are with the gymnast’s dad when he starts having chest pains. Meanwhile, the team works on the gymnast to clear her blockage. 

Friendly conversations

“Who you are is great,” said by the one and only Claire. *Claps* Oh, how I’ve missed scenes between Claire and Shaun. She always knows what to say. However, Shaun wants to practice meeting Lea’s parents. Playing in the role of Lea’s mom and dad are Glassman and Morgan. Okay, this is the weirdest duo to ever exist, and I love it. Shaun even prepared a script for the night. Glassman tells Shaun that family is full of surprises, to which Shaun brings up the fact that he’s not Lea’s #1 fan. This got awkward.

Morgan, not-so lovingly, chats with Olivia. She’s spent the whole night trying to be impressive, and Morgan tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself. Like I said, not-so lovingly giving her advice. Weirdly enough, Morgan does give decent advice, but she’s just bad at actually saying it.

Ricky manages to find out that the gymnast was taking drugs. She was taking drugs to make her breasts bigger. Her dad concludes that she needs to go through with the surgery to fix her spine and heart. Unfortunately, she doesn’t react well to that and tells her dad that she’s calling the team lawyer to file for emancipation. 

Good ideas and dinners

We are taken to Shaun and Lea’s apartment where the dinner table is quite silent. Thankfully, Lea’s father tells Lea that she likes Shaun. Phew. After dinner, Lea tells Shaun that they told her that she’s not mature enough to be with Shaun. That’s harsh. 

Lim confides in Claire that she went to see a psychiatrist but has only gone once. Lim storms off because she doesn’t want to talk with Claire about everything. As she leaves, she shoves Claire and throws her keys into the fountain. Lim shows up at the hospital the next morning and tells the gymnast that what happens next is her decision. The girl is obviously scared about making a decision herself. 

Claire telling Lim that she reminded her of her mom…That was intense. I don’t like this tension between the two women — I was really enjoying their friendship, but I hope Lim is able to work through everything because she too deserves some happiness.

Parents and uncles

Shaun decides to talk to Lea’s parents about their relationship. That was really awesome of him. Later, her parents show up at their door, and Shaun shuts the door in their faces. OPE. They want to take them to dinner. I’m glad her and her parents mended things. Also, the patients seem to have mended things between them.

Glassman goes up to Lea and tells her that he does like her. To prove that he does like her, he even compliments her. I get where Glassman is coming from — he cares about Shaun and doesn’t want him to get hurt.

Andrews compliments Olivia on her surgery. Olivia tells him that she’s got to be herself. Good for her. 

Claire goes to Glassman to tell him about her experiences with PTSD and therapy. She tells him about Lim. I don’t think this is going to go over well when Lim finds out that she told Glassman about it. 

More The Good Doctor musings

  • The relationship between Andrews and Olivia is so sweet.
  • To be honest, I still can’t stomach watching them do surgeries even four seasons later.
  • “I think while I drove.” Really, the best time to think.
  • Man, now I really want pizza.
  • I am so uncomfortable with this dinner — it’s like the dinner party episode of The Office. Not quite as awkward, though.
  • So soooo glad Shaun has someone like Glassman to look after him.

Another great episode! What did you think of The Good Doctor 4×08? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts.


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