‘The Good Doctor’ 4×07 recap: “The Uncertainty Principle”

Are you ready for The Good Doctor 4×07?

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 7, “The Uncertainty Principle,” aired January 18, 2021.

If you haven’t watched last week’s episode, check out our recap before continuing. The previews for this episode seemed to be intense, so I can only imagine what we’re in for. Let’s see what happens this week!

Lim’s new car

Lim reveals that she has a new car and not her usual bike. Glad to see Lim is okay after her tumble last episode. Claire, Olivia and Jordan are treating a woman whose husband seems otherwise occupied with work. Don’t like that. Apparently he’s a venture capitalist, and Jordan is interested in talking with him about an idea she has. Wonder what her idea is!

Morgan is treating a man who has frostbite, but it seems like it’s something much worse. In fact, he has an issue that isn’t likely in grown adults. The patient says he modified his genetic code…So, he wants to be immortal, basically. Meanwhile, Morgan encourages Claire to go on a date with someone she works with. Oh la la. 

Speaking of dating, Claire approaches Ricky and tells him that she’s not interested in dating him. However, he tells her that it’s not a date he was asking for. 

Secret ex-husband

Lea tells Shaun that her ex-husband sent her this thing she’s putting together. Apparently, they got married right out of high school and ended the marriage shortly after. Well, that’s some big news that was probably worth telling the person you’re romantically involved with, right? Right.

Turns out, the man’s experiment of living longer is successful, according to Shaun. Later, Shaun asks Lea about why she’s hidden the fact that she was married from him. In my opinion, I don’t think her explanation for not telling him is substantial. He definitely had the right to know.

Unfortunately, for Claire’s patient, she has to undergo surgery for her cancer. 

Coffee not date

Claire ends up having coffee with Ricky, who lives in a van in the parking garage. Okay, you do you, man. She recaps her not-date for Morgan, and their banter is honestly amazing. Morgan is hardcore shipping Claire and Ricky it seems. Even Morgan’s patient encourages Claire to go for it. Love this. I think we can all agree Claire deserves some happiness.

Unfortunately, Claire’s patient will never fully recover from her cancers, but thankfully, Jordan is there to offer emotional support for the patient. This poor woman. Claire tells the husband that he is causing her stress and suggests to plan for a divorce at some point. Oh, wow. 

For Shaun’s patient, he agrees to the surgeon’s plans for him.

Not good bye

The woman’s husband reveals that he’s selling his share of the business to be there for her. Oh my gosh — that is the sweetest thing ever. Now that is truly a Hallmark moment. Claire’s words obviously had a hand in that decision, and can we just applaud Claire? That queen.

Claire tells Ricky that she would like to be friends, but she assures him that it’s just friendship that she wants. I guess we shall see…She heads out to hang out with Lim, and yes, I am still here for that friendship! When she arrives to Lim’s, she comes across her destroyed bike behind her new car.

Meanwhile, with Shaun and Lea, he gives her a cowbell in case they start to drift apart. 

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • I haven’t said this in a while, but I miss Melendez.
  • Shaun doing a poll about his relations with Lea…Oh boy, Shaun.
  • Here I am, still shipping Morgan and Park even if nobody else in the entire fandom does. It’s fine.
  • I hope Morgan’s attitude is getting better because I have enjoyed her and Claire’s relationship in past episodes.
  • Good for Jordan for wanting to let her dreams, plural, play out.
  • Okay, I feel bad for this woman’s husband — I guess I get why he’s so into his work after he says his reasoning.

I enjoyed this episode. What did you think of it? Comment below or tweet us with your thoughts! Until next week…


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