‘The Good Doctor’ 4×06 recap: “Lim”

It’s time for The Good Doctor 4×06!

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 6, “Lim,” aired January 11, 2021.

Who else is so ready for a Lim centric episode? Heck yes, we are! It’s been a while since The Good Doctor has graced our screens. (Read our recap of the winter finale to refresh your memory.) Let’s see what will happen in the second half of season 4!

Lim on duty

Lim comes across a man on the side of the road who appears to have been hit by a car. Claire questions Lim for being on her bike so early in the morning, and as we saw in the beginning, Lim seems to be suffering from insomnia. 

In the lobby, Lim and Morgan come across Shaun who’s holding stuffed animal frogs playing music. He’s trying to find the perfect gift for Lea’s birthday. Lim tells Shaun he still needs to teach the residents, despite him not wanting to any longer. 

One of the patients says she is an empath and feels someone in the room is very stressed. Meanwhile, the man Lim found on the side of the road is suffering from flashbacks from his time in war.


Shaun, still refusing to teach one of the residents, is told he has to teach one resident how to perform an abortion. So, Olivia volunteers to be his student this week. However, Jordan steps up after refusing, but Lim ends up taking Jordan’s place. 

Lim, Claire and Asher perform surgery for their patient. Claire is certain that they can help their patient, but Lim is adamant that Claire’s thinking is not right. However, she has a change of heart and tells the patient a surgery can help ease his PTSD. 

After being told that one of the residents is in the stairwell, Lim goes to check on them. It’s Asher. Asher asks how she gets past losing a patient, and she reassures him that he IS a surgeon. I want to give both Lim and Asher a hug. Lim ends up lashing out on both Jordan and Shaun, and Claire confesses to her that she was diagnosed with PTSD. I love how Claire offers to be Lim’s shoulder to cry on if she needs someone. 

Not taking over

Shaun scrubs in for Lim’s patient’s surgery. She watches as Shaun supervises Asher, and she instructs him that he needs to teach and not take over the surgery. So far, everything seems to be going okay.

Morgan and Park tell Lim about their dares, and she is not impressed with them. I know nobody wants Park and Morgan to get together, but I am enjoying them as roommates. They’re both so different that it makes it entertaining to see them together.  She tells them to go home, and instead, Lim is in charge of discharging Park’s patient. As she starts walking out of the room after the woman tells Lim she’s reaching her limits, the woman passes out. Lim tells the woman to stop seeking out pain of others. 

After returning to her office, Jordan comes to apologize to Lim about her behavior and tells her that she did understand what the patient was going through because she had a similar experience. 

The male patient seems to be doing okay after his surgery. He tells his girlfriend of what he experienced during war. Lim walks out of the room and she’s surrounded by a buzzing in her ears and fuzzy sight. At the end of the episode, she takes a hard tumble from her bike. 

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Morgan’s pink, sparkly crocs. LOVE IT.
  • OMG Park’s cheetah print crocs. What is happening here?
  • Poor Lim. 
  • Shaun is really buying Lea a birthday gift from the hospital gift shop. 
  • Is Morgan raising chickens or something? I really don’t understand what is happening here.
  • Shaun’s gifts are getting more interesting…
  • Claire is so sweet.
  • NO! LIM!

What did you think of the winter premiere? Comment below or tweet us. We will see you next week for The Good Doctor!


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