‘All My Life’: Chrissie Fit talks TV, a ‘Teen Beach Movie’ reunion and playing the best friend ever

We have all shed some tears in 2020, but Chrissie Fit’s new movie, All My Life, is here to make you ugly cry all your 2020 pain away. We chatted with Chrissie Fit about her role in the new movie, why Disney should make another Teen Beach Movie and what she’s been watching with her extra time at home. 

Pure Fandom: What can you tell us about your role in All My Life

Chrissie Fit: I play Amanda, Jenn’s best friend in the film. She’s loyal, fun, and super supportive. Amanda is among the friends who set up the GoFundMe account to give Jenn and Sol a dream wedding. Honestly, she’s like a model of a friend. I hope everyone has an Amanda in their lives. 

It looks like it’s going to make us all ugly cry. How many boxes of tissues should we have on hand? 

Lots! I’m in the movie and I cried watching the trailer so like, maybe I’m not the right person to ask. 

What can you tell us about your involvement in the Animaniacs reboot on Hulu? 

I can’t really say too much. Partly because I can’t but mostly cause I don’t know. Animation takes a long time to create and develop. I can say that I play a new character that’ll pop up in season two, I believe. She’s super ridiculous. It’s a lot of fun. 

Speaking of reboots, any chance we will ever get to see a reboot or even a reunion for Teen Beach Movie

We almost had one recently but because of Covid, we had to put it on hold. Not an official reunion through Disney but just organized by the group. Even after all these years we still love and support each other. I think we would do it. I mean, it has to be a trilogy, right? Let’s bug Disney about it before the bikers are too old to ride! 

 OMG – yes! We love romantic movies (like All My Life) that give us the feels. What’s your favorite TV or movie couple? 

Oh, gosh! I have so many. But I guess maybe I’ll share what my current favorite TV couple is… hmmm… It’s definitely not Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Oh! I just caught up on The Good Place and so I have to say Eleanor and Chidi! 

Have you started watching anything new during the 2020 Covid lockdown? 

What haven’t I watched… is the real question. You know what I started watching that I might not have seen and loved cause it gave me so many childhood feels? Cobra Kai! The kid that plays Miguel is so good. And then I realized he’s the kid from Parenthood, Xolo Maridueña. Mind blown. He’s so talented. I, of course, started watching Selena on Netflix. She was– still is the queen. 

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Agreed! Where can people watch your new movie, All My Life

It’s out in theaters now. If you can safely go. It’ll be out on PVOD later this month. You’ll be able to get your cry on, don’t worry! 

Watch the All My Life trailer here: 


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