‘Superman & Lois’: Hot takes on the new Superman suit

Emphasis on HOT!

If there is anything we need in the hellscape of a year, it’s a hero and WHOA – The CW has delivered the goods. We have seen many versions of Superman and his suit. It’s an iconic look that doesn’t vary too, too much, but it’s still super exciting to see when someone new rocks the suit. 

As you know, Tyler Hoechlin has been the Arrowverse Superman in the past and will be spinning off into his own show, Superman & Lois, which premieres Tuesday, February 23 on The CW! The CW released a first look at Hoechlin in the suit and Hoechlin’s own thoughts on it. 

I find that the new suit is representative of the show. Just as this suit is unique and set apart from the ones that preceded it, the story we’re telling about Clark/Superman at this point in his life is unique and something we’ve never seen before. I appreciate the opportunity to wear the suit and the responsibility that comes with it. But it’s always interesting when I’m asked how I feel about “my new suit,” because I’ve always felt that the suit doesn’t belong to me; it belongs to everyone that finds some kind of meaning in that suit, in the symbol on the chest. I just happen to be the one wearing it. I come from the world of baseball and a line of coaches that always preached that the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back. Because when you wear that jersey, it represents not only you, but your entire team, and everyone that has ever worn that jersey that came before you. So when I wear the suit, that’s what it means to me. It represents everything that Superman stands for and has stood for, for almost a century now. And I look forward to carrying on that tradition.” – Tyler Hoechlin (Superman/Clark Kent)

Check it out: 

Superman & Lois Supersuit
Photo Credit: Nino Muñoz/The CW

Here’s what the Pure Fandom squad had to say about new Superman suit first look: 

Meg Bonney: I am a huge Hoechlin fan from my Teen Wolf days, so I am just pumped to have him back on my screen. I’m also a sucker for an epic cape billow. Speaking of capes, is Lois hiding behind because we want to see her too! 

Jasmine Lee: First of all: asdkfjad;fkljdafk TYLER HOECHLIN HELLO BB. IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK ON SCREEN. Second of all: considering that this show is all about Lois and Clark being parents, not superheroes, a little surprised that the first image is of Hoechlin in the Superman suit. Third of all: one of my absolute favorite TV shows is Dean Cain’s and Teri Hatcher’s Lois & Clark: New Adventures of Superman and I was terrified that Superman & Lois was going to be a reboot of the ‘90s classic. Fourth of all: at the very least, I hope that this show will take cues from the ‘90s show and showcase a lot of shirtless Clark. Y’know, for consistency.

Superman & Lois — Image Number: SPM_8x12.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane — Photo: The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Gabriela Acevedo: I’m also a huge fan of Tyler Hoechlin  (and of Derek Hale but that’s beside the point).  I’m super excited for his new career opportunity, and I can’t wait for more fans to discover Tyler! Superman has always been one of my favorite superheroes and I’m really feeling his look here. I’m looking forward to this new version of this iconic character! 

Mike Bonney: Looks good! I love that his Superman is much happier and less broody, aka Batman in blue. Very excited to see this version of Superman.

Liz Prugh: I’m with Meg – big Hoechlin fan from his Teen Wolf era! We know he can give a mean brood, and I’m excited to see his take on Superman!

Lynsey Neill: First thought: were those abs built as a part of the suit or are they just his body? Second thought: I hope they’re a part of his body because superman doesn’t ~~need~~ abs, he’s super! Let’s be more body positive in this Hollywood Insta-filter age. Tyler Hoechlin, you are a beautiful boy and I hope you have the time of your life playing Clark… and don’t feel the overwhelming pressure of Hollywood’s toxic masculine ideals. You’ll be super!

What are YOUR thoughts on the new Superman & Lois first look? 

Superman & Lois premieres Tuesday, February 23 on The CW.


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