‘The Good Doctor’ 4×04 recap: “Not the Same”

It’s time for The Good Doctor 4×04!

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 4, “Not the Same,” aired November 23, 2020.

We met some new faces last week on The Good Doctor. Let’s see what our characters are up to this week! 

Yoga and moving in

The episode starts with Lea and Shaun doing yoga and Shaun asking her to move in. However, Lea is hesitant. Lim and Claire are also spending time together by playing video games. The night is cut short when Morgan pages Claire for some help at work. I just love that Lim and Claire are continuing to bond even after Claire’s closure with Melendez’s death.

Morgan and Shaun are working together and their patient is a pregnant woman who is at risk of losing her pregnancy. The new residents, Olivia and Jordan, are working alongside Shaun for this procedure. Andrews pushes Shaun to show a little more attention to Olivia. However, it doesn’t seem like she needs it as she seems to be pretty darn smart!

Andrews calls Shaun out during surgery that Shaun hasn’t prepared Olivia enough. Uh oh. Glassman advises Shaun that he just needs to chat with his residents. 

All about the convo

Shaun strikes up a conversation with Olivia about how she’s feeling, and she opens up that she’s afraid of firsts. Shaun realizes that he can relate back to some things she has told him. In terms of their patient, Shaun suggests a risky option that Andrews doesn’t rule out. Jordan asks the patient a personal question, and the woman pleads with them to save both of her babies.

Lim tells Claire that she makes the deciding decision for her case. Park confronts Morgan about her attitude, and Morgan turns the table on him. I really liked their dynamic in the last couple seasons, so I hope they can rebuild whatever is going on. Obviously, Morgan misses being a surgeon. 

A connection

Apparently Olivia is Andrews niece, which I didn’t see coming! However, Olivia wants to prove herself without Andrews interfering. Good for her! In terms of other connections, Lea agrees to move in with Shaun because it’s inevitable. Shaun is sure to tell Morgan and his residents the news right away.

Morgan tells Shaun that he needs to talk to Jordan now about her attitude. She really needs to mind her own business. Meanwhile, Park tells Morgan that he was finalizing his divorce earlier, and she offers for him to temporarily move in with her. That could actually be a lot of fun to see that. Park, however, declines the offer. I also don’t blame him for that decision. 

Claire’s patient tells her that after his wife died, he thought about ending his life, but he heard his wife and knew he couldn’t do it. He wanted to continue to help people. This man is so sweet — I hope Claire and the other residents are able to save him.

Soothing words

Jordan proves to be great at soothing patients during difficult times. In doing so, the patient’s contractions have stopped. She’s even able to meet her baby. Speaking of miracles, Claire’s patient also manages to wake up. Claire walks away with some advice to her residents, and Shaun gives his residents some advice in writing.

Shaun admits to Glassman that he can’t teach, but Glassman tells him that he’ll figure it out. In fact, he admits that he’s been learning from Shaun. I’ve been missing their relationship. 

Park shows up at Morgan’s door taking up her offer for a temporary home. Yes, this will definitely be some fun! 

More The Good Doctor musings

  • Did Shaun just give Lea his banking password? Oh, Shaun.
  • Ricky isn’t wearing board shorts. This is progress! 
  • Is there anything that Costco doesn’t sell?
  • Claire is a great teacher to her residents, but I am not surprised at all by that.
  • Claire and Park’s facial expressions when Morgan talks is priceless.
  • It has not been Morgan’s day, week, month or even her year. That was a Friends reference for anyone who caught on!
  • Is anyone shipping Park and Morgan or is that just me?
  • Jordan is definitely my favorite new resident. 

 This was a really solid episode. I enjoy getting to see our former residents become teachers, and I’m enjoying getting to see the new residents in action. What did you think of The Good Doctor 4×04? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts! Until next week!

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