‘Superstore’ 6×04 recap: “Prize Wheel”


Superstore 6×04 “Prize Wheel” aired November 19, 2020.

Just like us, our favorite Cloud 9 employees are still dealing with Covid in this week’s episode of Superstore.

Indeed, one of their own has been in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus, and the in-store sales are going down. Here’s all that went down in Superstore 6×04:

Glenn needs to quarantine

After being in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid at church, Glenn has to leave the store ASAP. He can’t quite go home just yet, though, because his wife needs time to turn their garage into his new quarantine home. So he stays in his car in front of the store.

He’s also very sad to be missing on Cloud 9’s “in-store-vaganza”, something corporate put together to encourage customers to come and buy things at the store. It’s simple: everyone who buys something gets the chance to turn a wheel and receive a prize.

Not a very Covid-friendly idea… but still, Glenn is quite excited about it. So, not to miss it (and to prevent himself from eating the 72 donuts stuck in his car with him), he calls Sandra so that he can listen in on the people turning the wheel. It’s not like being there himself, but it’s close.

Superstore 6×04
Trae Patton/NBC

Dina Fox, Store Manager

This title has a nice ring to it, right?

With Glenn out of the store, Dina is now the one in charge. She’s been prepared for it for a while now, but unfortunately, things don’t go as smoothly as she thought they would. Being the store manager is harder than expected. Especially for her, who’s not really a “people’s person”.

So, when the employees start complaining about different issues to her, she simply bans all personal conversations from the store. Of course, it doesn’t help at all — on the opposite, it rather creates chaos inside the store. Following Mateo’s advice, Dina de-bans personal talks from the store. She even encourages them by inviting everyone to talk about the issues they have with their co-workers.

This doesn’t work quite well either. People aren’t happy — they even wish for Glenn’s return. Thankfully, in the end, Dina finds the perfect solution to help her employees (once again thanks to Mateo): she invites them to let go of their anger and frustration by hitting with a bat the prize wheel from their “in-store-vaganza”. It’s quite cathartic.

Superstore 6×04
Tyler Golden/NBC

Jonah’s job interview

Meanwhile, Jonah’s dad wants him to move on with his life. He made him agree to get an interview with some roofing company.

If at first, Jonah isn’t particularly excited about it, he’s quick to change his mind when he learns what the company actually does. As it turns out, people there seem to care about the same issues as Jonah does.

This pushes him to ask Cheyenne, the new floor supervisor, for more and more time off work so that he can fully prepare for the interview. She doesn’t mind at all, until it becomes a little too much. Indeed, she keeps covering for him while she and Garrett have a hard time finding where a very bad smell in the store comes from. Garrett confronts Jonah about it, but Jonah won’t have it.

He has other priorities, right now.

Unfortunately, the interview turns out not to be a real interview at all. The person he’s interviewing with has no interest in hiring Jonah. He was rather doing his dad a favor.

So, just like the other Cloud 9 employees, Jonah ends up hitting the wheel to let go of his frustration… much to Glenn’s chagrin, who happens to pass by right at this moment.

Superstore 6×04
Trae Patton/NBC

Some more thoughts

  • Once again, Jonah cannot win.
  • I love how this season seems to show us more about the “background” characters and give them bigger roles inside the episodes. They’re all great additions.
  • So far, the show seems to be handling the loss of its main character very well. The episodes still are fun and entertaining.
  • Now that Dina knows how hard it can be to be the store manager, maybe it’ll change things regarding her relationship with Glenn?

And you, what did you think of Superstore 6×04? Hit the comments and let us know!


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