‘The Good Doctor’ 4×03 recap: “Newbies”

It’s time for The Good Doctor 4×03!

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 3, “Newbies,” aired November 16, 2020.

Last episode was pretty heavy, so here’s hoping for a lighter episode of The Good Doctor. It looks like we will be meeting some new faces, and I can’t wait to see the old residents interact with the maybe-new residents. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Meet the residents

We start off with some new faces giving some information about themselves. It’s then that Shaun asks why one of the interviewees is wearing swim shorts. Honestly, that’s a GREAT question. The resident interviewees are tasked with observing, and three are placed with Shaun and Andrews — their patient is looking to get breast implants. The other three are with Claire and Morgan and their patient who has a tumor. Well, technically Morgan’s not really involved because she’s not a surgeon.

Andrews sits down with Shaun and one of the resident interviewees after giving out personal opinions to the patient. That’s a big no-no.

Morgan isn’t really loving her new role at the hospital. Glassman tells her that she just needs to be patient and give it time, but we all know Morgan…

Awkward lunchtime convos

I guess Lea got a promotion in the hospital’s IT department. Unless she’s always had it? I can’t remember! I got to say, this lunch with Lea, Shaun and the residents is uncomfortable but also sort of comical. 

Lim and Claire are heading Morgan’s patient’s surgery. Even though Morgan is no longer a surgeon, she’s still very much involved within the storylines. While Morgan’s not my favorite character, she brings a lot to the show, so I’m glad she’s still very much involved. 

Park comes up with the idea of having a little happy hour in the break room with the resident applicants. Morgan would brag about seeing Wicked 5o times. Love that. Although, I can’t believe Shaun said pickles are disgusting! Like, what?! 

Who’s going to be leader?

Meanwhile, Andrews and Lim discuss who will be the lead for the new residents. Yes, Lim, Claire is stronger than she looks! Speaking of Claire, I did not like how Morgan treated her with taking over the surgery for the patient. Seems like Morgan hasn’t really changed. She wants to be a leader so bad, but how she goes about it isn’t it. 

Shaun confronts Lea after one of the residents tell him that Lea is probably mad about what he said about her annoying voice. From the confrontation between the two, it seems like Lea is pretty mad at him. I mean, can you blame a girl?

Lim just kicked Morgan out of the room! DANG!!!!!!! Now that was a power move.

To conclude…

Lim invites one of the resident applicants to scrub in to observe in the actual room. Could this be an invite to be one of the four who is chosen for residency? The surgery ends up going successfully, despite Morgan not being in the room. I don’t think she’s going to be happy when we see her again. Except…I guess I didn’t give her enough credit because Morgan gave credit to Claire. 

For Andrews, Shaun and Parks’ patient, they were able to do the implant surgery after some difficulties. However, the team was able to mark it as a success in the end.

In relationship land, Shaun makes things right with Lea, and it’s actually really sweet. I don’t stan their relationship, but that was sweet. I’ve been watching a lot of Hallmark movies, so I’m really into the sappy stuff right now.

More The Good Doctor musings

  • I LOVE Freddie Highmore! I just thought that was worth saying. 
  • I’m glad Covid is no longer the focus; it was just too much right now. 
  • Morgan grilling these residents — I would be intimidated by her, too. 
  • I’m really trying to like Shaun and Lea, but I just…can’t.
  • Morgan and Claire shutting down the mansplaining. *claps*
  • That resident is really walking around the hospital in board shorts. I can’t. lol
  • I think we will see an even more salty Morgan in the upcoming episodes. GUARANTEED. 
  • We have our 4 new residents! But not without a little test from Lim.

I really enjoyed this episode and getting to know the potential residents. Of course, seeing our former residents in action is a good time, too. What did you think of The Good Doctor 4×03? Sound off below in the comments or tweet us!

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