‘Superstore’ 6×03 recap: “Floor Supervisor”

Amy’s gone… and the store needs a new floor supervisor

Superstore 6×03 “Floor Supervisor” aired November 12, 2020.

In this first episode post-Amy, the Cloud 9 employees have to find a new floor supervisor and let’s just say that this was yet again not a very lucky episode for poor Jonah. Here’s everything that went down in Superstore 6×03: 

Cheyenne VS. Jonah

Superstore 6×03
Greg Gayne/NBC

Jonah might not be going to California anymore, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to try new things.

Indeed, he wants to be Cloud 9’s new floor supervisor. Which doesn’t please Dina much, who would much rather have someone who would do whatever she wants. This is why she convinces Cheyenne to apply to the position as well. 

Glenn is unable to make a choice between the two, so he decides to throw an election and let his employees decide. Then starts a true campaign, with everything that comes with it — from promises made to trying to cancel the opponent by finding an old picture of Jonah.

Poor guy can’t catch a break, with first his breakup and now this!

In the end, though, Cheyenne understands that Dina wanted her to become floor supervisor so that she could make her do whatever she wants. This is when Cheyenne reveals that she actually does have some great ideas for the store, and it’s with no real surprise that she ends up winning the election at the end of the episode. Like Dina said, I love to see how much Cheyenne has grown since season 1!

Too much power for Mateo

Superstore 6×03
Greg Gayne/NBC

Glenn hasn’t been the manager for long, but he’s already feeling stressed by the job. This is why he entrusts Mateo with some executive power over the store, so that he doesn’t have to worry as much. Unfortunately, it quickly turns out not to be such a good idea.

Mateo is liking having power a little too much. He doesn’t allow Carol not to come to work and lies to her about how Glenn and his wife got in a fight. Which in turns forces Glenn to lie to Carol — and we all know how bad Glenn is at lying. So much for being less stressed.

It all escalates when Mateo fires Justine for no real reason and bans her from shopping at the store. It’s the last straw for Glenn, who takes away Mateo’s power and tells him that from now on, he’ll only do what he’s asked to.

Is Garrett in love?!

Superstore 6×03
Greg Gayne/NBC

Meanwhile, Garrett finds himself in an awkward situation when Tony, Sandra’s teenage son, comes to the store to buy condoms. When he tells Sandra about it, she asks him to have a talk about sex with her son.

If Garrett refuses at first, he ends up answering all of Tony’s questions — even the ones about love. Which surprises Sandra, who thinks he’s never been in love. Garrett tries to prove to her that he did, even asking Glenn to back him up. Indeed, he was apparently in love with another Cloud 9 employee once.

Except, according to Glenn, he cheated on her with another employee… so much for being in love.

In the end, Garrett has a nice heart-to-heart with Tony where he admits having a hard time opening up by fear of getting hurt. We also see him glance in Dina’s direction in the middle of his speech about love… could he still have some romantic feelings for her?!

Some more thoughts

  • DINA AND GARRETT. They need to get back together!
  • Speaking of Garrett, I really love to see this softer side of him this season.
  • I’m so happy for Cheyenne but also sad for Jonah. He really can’t win these days. I can’t wait to see her with a bigger role inside the store, though!
  • We haven’t seen much of her so far, but I already like the new employee, Nia. I hope she’ll stay for the whole season and we’ll get to know her better.
  • Did I mention that I’m excited about what’s to come for Dina and Garrett???

And you, what did you think of Superstore 6×03? Hit the comments and let us know!


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