‘The Good Doctor’ 4×02 recap: “Frontline Part 2”

We are back with The Good Doctor 4×02 recap. Deep breaths!

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 2, “Frontline Part 2,” aired November 9, 2020.

Okay, everyone, do you have your tissues or ice cream or whatever comfort food you like? Good, because we are ready for this week’s episode of The Good Doctor, too! Make sure you catch up on last week’s episode before you read on. So, let’s do this.


Welcome back, Melendez? Claire continues to see Melendez throughout the hospital. In fact, she even has a conversation with him — this is honestly too much for me.

Andrews and Shaun are still treating their Covid patient. Meanwhile, Park is tending to the patient who just gave birth last episode. Things at Glassman’s house isn’t as stressful as he’s playing video games. In fact, the teenagers he’s playing with are giving Glassman advice, which is kind of hilarious. Maybe you should take the guy’s advice?

One of the hospital’s nurse, who we’ve seen through the series, has come down with the virus. The virus is also taking its toll on Lim, which was a heart breaking sequence to watch. 

Morgan being nice

I love that the nurse told Morgan she’s rude. Lim talks with the nurse, realizing that she didn’t give the approval to be put onto a ventilator. Park is in a predicament himself, as he tells his son he won’t be able to come to his graduation party. His son is, as expected, upset about it.

Shaun and his patient’s wife have a spat, and Andrews tells him he has no right treating the wife like that. Speaking of wives, Glassman apologizes to his wife, but it’s not exactly the apology she was looking for. While he’s having relationship problems, Shaun seems to be having them as well. He tells Glassman that he doesn’t know what to do with Lea and that he wants it all to be over. Glassman’s words of advice: “be kind.” I think he just figured out how to mend things with his wife now.

Be kind

Shaun takes Glassman’s advice and takes the approach of being kind. When Shaun gives the patient’s wife the bad news, she thanks him instead of lashing out on Shaun. I guess the be kind approach worked. Sometimes, you have to take your own advice, so Glassman lets his wife know how he’s been feeling. In turn, she’s grateful for his honesty. 

The nurse is getting worse, and Morgan declares that she needs a ventilator. I guess Morgan has been working on getting kinder, too. In fact, she brings a bunch of coworkers so the nurse is not alone while she has to be put onto a ventilator. Gosh, this is just sad. So freaking sad. 

Now, nobody is kinder than Park. His son FaceTimes him to apologize for the way their last phone call ended. Park ends up bringing the baby to the mother.

Facing the grief

Melendez points out to Claire that she’s in grieving, and that means she is starting to heal. Why did Melendez have to die? WHY?! Claire finds a friend to give the dog tags to that she had been trying to locate throughout the episode, and she receives closure from Melendez. He tells her that her story ahead is going to be amazing, and I have to agree. 

The nurse ends up passing away. This episode has truly hurt. I’m glad Lim and Morgan were there for her during her last moments. Maybe Morgan is changing — she’s learning to truly support those who need it. The nurse’s son tells Morgan that his mom talked about her a lot. I think this event is going to change Morgan for the better. 

Shaun’s patient ends up going home three weeks later; Park’s patient also wakes up and names her baby girl. Andrew arrives home where he goes straight inside instead of retiring to the garage. Park makes a decision in regards to his ex wife, too. Shaun and Lea reunite.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Have I mentioned I miss Melendez? Because I do. I really do. 
  • Those gamers are right, Covid does SUCK.
  • This episode is devastating. 
  • Those AirPods…I never know when someone is speaking to me or is just on their phone. Just me? Lol.
  • What Park told his son over the phone. So SWEET.
  • I’m glad Claire received the closure she needed, and I’m glad Lim is there for her. Their friendship is *insert hearts*.

That was a pretty heavy episode. What did you think of The Good Doctor 4×02? Sound off below in the comments or tweet us your thoughts.

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