‘Superstore’ 6×02 recap: “California Pt 2”

It’s Amy’s last day at Cloud9…

Superstore 6×02 “California Pt 2” aired November 5, 2020.

This week’s episode of Superstore was a big (and very emotional) one. Indeed, it not only marked the show’s 100th episode, but it also sent Amy away to California… just like America Ferrera left for good.

Here’s what happened in Superstore 6×02:

Jonah wants to propose?!

At the end of last week’s episode, Amy learned that she was finally able to go to California after the coronavirus outbreak delayed her departure for a while. Now, she’s on her last day working at Cloud9 and ready to say goodbye to her friends.

Her departure is of course at the center of all the conversations, along with her future with Jonah, who’s supposed to join her two weeks later. But instead of rejoicing her, all these talks about forever freak Amy out. Because, just a few days ago, she realized that one of her rings went missing. She thinks Jonah took it — and that he’s going to propose to her.

Great news?! Well, not really. Because she doesn’t seem ready to take this next step in their relationship…

Superstore 6×02
Greg Gayne/NBC

“I hate you, 2020!”

Jonah can tell something’s wrong with Amy. He talks about it with Garrett, who thinks it’s because of a bad joke Jonah made about murdering her. Which, without context, is a fair assumption to make.

So Jonah goes to apologize to Amy, and that’s when she tells him the truth about what’s going on with her. She feels overwhelmed by how fast things are going. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake as she did with Adam when she married him.

At the end of their exchange, Jonah gives her ring back — because, as it turns out, he did take it. He did think about proposing to her. Outch.

A conversation with Garrett pushes Amy to go find Jonah and talk to him, but when he asks her if she wants to marry him someday, she says no. Which pushes him to reconsider his decision to move to California with her. Instead, he decides to stay at Cloud9. And breaks up with Amy in the process — much to Sandra’s chagrin, who overheard the whole thing.

I’m with her on that. We really didn’t need to go through such a sad break-up, especially now!

Dina’s new best friend

Superstore 6×02
Greg Gayne/NBC

In the meantime, since she’s about to lose her best friend, Dina decides she needs a new one. She tells Sandra that if she doesn’t find anyone else to fit the role, she will be her new best friend. Then she proceeds to interview some of her colleagues like Cheyenne and Justine.

The search doesn’t seem to work out well for her, though. Like she says in her emotional goodbye to Amy at the end of the day, she’s starting to think that her best friend is simply not replaceable. And I have to agree on that. As much as I will miss Jonah and Amy’s relationship, her friendship with Dina is one of the dynamics I will miss the most.

Goodbye, Amy

Speaking of goodbyes, Glenn, who took back his job as the store manager, asks Mateo to put together a video for Amy. If they struggle with people’s messages at first, the video, shown at the end of the episode, turns out to be very emotional. And… quite sad, when Jonah’s turn comes and he says all those nice things about Amy and how she’s the best thing that ever happened to him.

Obviously, that video was shot before the break-up. Which hurts a lot. Way to twist the knife in the wound…

Amy then gets to share an emotional goodbye with Glenn. Then, the Cloud9 employees gather outside in front of a fireworks show that Cheyenne and Bo put together for Amy. While Amy talks with Dina, Garrett tries to cheer up Jonah. The two now ex-lovers exchange one last glance… and that’s a (very sad) wrap on Amy Sosa and America Ferrera.

Superstore Amy Mateo
Greg Gayne/NBC

Some more thoughts

  • Glad to know Mateo is still dating Amy’s brother. Now I need to see him come back!
  • Garrett’s message to Amy and honest conversation with Jonah… it’s really nice to see this softer side of him.
  • I’m curious to see how things will go now that the show lost its lead actress.
  • Jonah and Amy’s break up felt kind of rushed. I thought we’d get at least one more scene between them before the end of the episode. And more depth to the reason why they’re breaking up.
  • Glenn and Amy being unable to share a real hug goodbye because of Covid… I felt that.

And you, what did you think of Superstore 6×02? What did you think of the way they sent off America Ferrera’s character? Leave a comment and let us know!


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