‘The Good Doctor’ season 4 premiere recap: “Frontline Part 1”

The Good Doctor season 4 premiere recap: Season 4, Episode 1, “Frontline Part 1,” aired November 2, 2020.

Hooray for The Good Doctor being back on our screens. After the season 3 finale, I think I can speak for everyone and say that I am still not over that finale. Anyway, I have a huge bowl of Halloween candy left over, so I am ready for any heartbreak we may endure during the season 4 premiere.

Without further ado, let’s do this!

Reality meets fiction

The episode starts in the pre-Covid world. Sigh. Shaun and Lea are dating, in happy world. Meanwhile, Claire and Lim are mourning the loss of Melendez. I hate writing that! I’ve been in denial over that for MONTHS.

At the hospital, Morgan is treating a patient with an unusual infection. Morgan tells the patient that corona does not cause sore throats. The episode jumps a couple weeks, and the patient is diagnosed with corona. Shaun is a little more direct with patients — telling them there’s basically nothing he can do for them. 

Seems like Park and Shaun are roommates for the time being. This shall be interesting! Park’s son stresses for his father to be careful while at the hospital, and Shaun is forbidding Lea from coming over to keep everyone safe.

Entering stay-at-home orders

All the residents are in uncharted territory. Claire is upset, and Park tries to calm her nerves. Claire has gone through A LOT. Didn’t I say repeatedly that Claire deserves some happiness in her life? Gosh. Andrews arrives home, where his new bedroom is his garage. Unfortunately, the patient from the beginning, her daughter wants nothing more than to see her mother, but she is unable to visit her mother. This is sad to see people not being able to see their loved ones.

At Shaun’s apartment, tensions are running a bit high between Park and him. Like always, Park is the voice of reason. Tensions are also high in the Glassman’s household where Glassman is questioning why his wife can go out and he can’t even go to the hospital. 

Lim and Claire have to break the news to the daughter that her mom did not survive. Gosh, this episode hurts. We watched this play out in real life, through the news, and it’s just heart breaking. 

FaceTime is #1

I like how Shaun and Park are always FaceTiming at the same time. I am honestly laughing so much at the sex talk they are having right now. Park is so over it. Then there’s Glassman playing online games instead of working. LOL. Glassman’s wife has had it with him telling her not to do anything. Again, the tensions are super high in their household.

Park’s pregnant patient has to be put onto a ventilator. A short while later, the woman is in surgery to give birth, and the baby comes out all good. Meanwhile, Shaun’s patient is also on a ventilator, and his wife demands that Shaun tell him that he will be okay. However, Shaun says he can’t, and even Andrews can’t reassure the wife. It’s all so unknown to everyone involved.

In conclusion

Near the end of the episode, Park talks to the woman who just gave birth, though she is unable to hear him. Park’s character is so caring, which makes him a good doctor for his patients.

Morgan calls the nurse she was with to tell her that they’ve been exposed to corona, along with more people in the hospital. 

Back at home, Lea comes to visit Shaun, but he won’t allow her inside the house. It turns out she gives him something for his mask that will lessen the pressure on his ears. Though he won’t allow Lea inside, he lets her sit outside the door to visit with him. 

Glassman’s wife has moved into the guest room and took his nightstand with her. Things aren’t seeming so great between the husband and wife. 

More musings

  • I was nervous about watching an episode dedicated to Covid-19, since we are currently still in the midst of the pandemic, but I trust the writers of this show.
  • It’s crazy to see how the virus began and how it’s progressed. We see it on the news every day, but we don’t know the real extent of what goes on in hospitals. It’s great the show is bringing light to how hard our frontline workers work. 
  • Ah, the start of Zoom…and all the interruptions that are possible during them. 
  • I think Park is the sweetest.
  • Also, Claire, I love Claire.
  • LIM! Yes, girl!
  • Real talk: why doesn’t Shaun have a legit bed?
  • I miss Melendez….that end scene. Man.
  • HUGE shoutout to all those on the frontlines. THANK YOU!

What did you think of the season 4 premiere? All I know is that this season is going to be tough. Let us know in the comments or tweet us. See you next week!

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