‘Superstore’ season 6 premiere recap: “Essential”

Superstore season 6 premiere: 6×01 “Essential” aired October 29, 2020.

After a slightly shortened season 5 and a longer hiatus than usual, Superstore is finally back on our screens! And it picked up right where it left off, with only one major difference. Indeed, if the coronavirus wasn’t a threat to our Cloud9 employees before, it is now more than ever. As retail workers, they’re at the front lines having to deal with it.

The episode mainly focuses on the coronavirus situation we’re still living in, but it also briefly talks about other topics like Black Lives Matter. Let’s see what exactly went down in the Superstore season 6 premiere:

“Enjoy the apocalypse!”

superstore season 6 premiere
Greg Gayne/NBC

The episode starts with Amy telling everyone about her new job in California; that same job we learned about at the end of last season.

If everyone seems sad about it at first (except for Sandra who, like the true Captain of the Simmosa ship, is more than happy to learn that Jonah is going with her), they quickly find themselves having to deal with some more important news. The spread of the coronavirus.

Because of this, Amy and Jonah can’t leave for California just yet. Instead, she’s still working at Cloud9 and does her best to keep her employees safe in these trying times. Sometimes having to find… original ways to make it work. As in, by making masks out of clothes and teddy bears for example.

Meanwhile, Sandra and Cheyenne hide some toilet paper so that they can still have some for themselves at the end of the day. Indeed, just like in real life, the Cloud9 customers are rushing to get a lot more supplies than they actually need

Torn between two jobs

superstore season 6 premiere
Greg Gayne/NBC

As time goes by and Amy still can’t start her new job, Zephra starts making her join some Zoom calls while working at Cloud9. What starts as just one meeting quickly turns into full days of meetings every day, making it impossible for her to manage the two. She has to spend less and less time with the rest of the Cloud9 employees while they still have to deal with complicated customers.

Glenn in particular, who was feeling great about being called a hero at first, is getting more and more overwhelmed by the situation. Thankfully, Dina is here to help. It’s sweet to see these two get close like this! 

Sandra and Cheyenne, on the other hand, have to deal with Sayid telling the other employees about them hiding supplies, which results in everyone taking orders for themselves.

California here we come…

superstore amy jonah
Greg Gayne/NBC

In the end, though, the Cloud9 employees can finally relax a little when a customer buys some beer for them. But one person is still missing from the “party”: Amy. Jonah finds her and tells her about the whole group hanging out together.

That’s when she shares the (happy, for once!) news with him. Masks and gloves will finally be given to the employees. But that’s not it. She’s also ready to go to California since offices are reopening!

Jonah is thrilled by the news as it means they’ll be able to start their lives together. They hug it out, and everything seems to be working out for them… or maybe not. Because Amy doesn’t look as happy as Jonah is about all of this.

Which makes me wonder what we should expect from America Ferrera’s last episode. Should we get ready for a breakup, or will Amy and Jonah manage to stay together despite being apart?! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Some more thoughts

  • Dina and Glenn made such a great duo in that episode. I need more of them!
  • Of course Marcus had to be the one contracting the virus. Who’s surprised?
  • Superstore really managed to handle the whole coronavirus storyline very well. But I expected no less from them.
  • I won’t lie, I kind of wish we’d seen Cheyenne’s birthday party and how it would have all played out.
  • One thing is sure, I’m not ready to say goodbye to Amy next episode… 

And you, what did you think of this Superstore season 6 premiere? Hit the comments and let us know! And don’t forget to tune in on NBC every Thursday night at 8 pm Eastern for a new episode!


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