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‘Lovecraft Country’ 1×4: “A History of Violence” Recap

A History of Violence sees Montrose, Tic, and Leti attempt to recover the hidden/missing pages of Titus Braithwhite that Christina had previously mentioned.

1. Who wants some adventure?

In the prior episode (Holy Ghost), Lovecraft Country ran with a haunted house theme.  In A History of Violence, they leaned into a National Treasure feel.  Honestly, it did not totally work.  The whole adventure felt equal parts impossible and mysteriously too easy at the same time. That sudden bladed pendulum did not seem that difficult to cross. Montrose too conveniently knew moonlight was the answer to there puzzle.  No one had an appropriate reaction to magically being transported from Boston to Chicago! I understand they have been through some things, but changing time zones is worth more attention than the weak sauce “that’s my neighbor” statement that is made. This whole adventure, the finding of the Native person and her subsequent unceremonious murder, the limited explanation of anything: in concert, none of it really worked.

2. William!

As a William, I must say, always watch out for a William.  That being said, is William really a William? Christina Braithwaite enters her home and but a split second later, William exits and beats the holy hell out of those two guys.  There is no way she could have exchanged any sort of directions that quickly.  It feels more like she transformed into William and proceeded to beat some ass. Have they ever been in the same room at the same time? It makes total sense for her character, a power magic user left only as an affiliate member of a secret cult due to her gender.  It does raise more questions regarding the later sex scene with Ruby.

3. Poor Hippolyta

This poor woman! They really thought they were going to borrow her car and travel across several states without her; the same crew of people that returned to insufficiently tell her that her husband had been killed on their last adventure. Further, they all end up back in Chicago, sans aforementioned car, and tell her via phone.  If she was not suspicious before, she has every right to be a conspiracy theorist now. Things are not even close to adding up and she deserves answers, but take the baby home first.  Dee does not need to be dragged into this foolishness!



A History of Violence sees Leti, Tic, and Montrose play Indiana Jones in the magical catacombs that connect Boston and Chicago. William is probably Christina in magical disguise, but that did not stop him from getting it on with Ruby. Hippolyta is not to be trifled with any longer and she is out for the truth.


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