5 leading ladies on TV that we LOVE

What do some of my five favorite shows have in common? Why, an awesome leading lady, of course! Whether it be Once Upon a Time or Parks and Recreation, two very different shows, they both have a female character who steals the spotlight. 

Here are five of my favorite leading ladies from TV shows throughout the years:

Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)

I’m sure this comes to no surprise to anyone out there. Emma Swan is a female character who you can’t help but love the instant you meet her on your television screen. From her fearlessness to her selflessness, Emma is immediately a character you want to root for. You want to see her fall in love and find her family, which she eventually did.

Her character development went above and beyond. We saw, throughout the series, her blossom from a Lost Girl to the Savior. You did not want to mess with Emma. I mean, she slayed a dragon after all. Not only that, but she showed viewers that you can be vulnerable and still be hella tough.

Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)

Oh, Leslie. I have been rewatching Parks, and I can’t help but admire her. Her dedication and passion for her job shine through. No matter how many times she got knocked down, she got back up. She was resilient, and that just showed how much she cared about her work and those around her. Seriously, even when they tried to recall her, she was there filibustering in rollerblades, albeit briefly.

I also love that Leslie is unapologetically Leslie. Sure, she can be a little enthusiastic at times, but she’s quirky. It’s endearing because we all have a quirky side. She also isn’t afraid to admire herself — teaching viewers that we, too, should admire ourselves from time to time. 

Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place)

Eleanor is the character who said my all-time favorite phrase: “ya basic.” Seriously, I will use any excuse to say that or text that to someone. Besides that, she’s got all the sass and the best comebacks. Also, she owns the fact that she’s not the greatest person ever — just a “trash bag from Arizona.” 

Always a fun character to watch, she also had great character development. Through the series, she learned to be a good person and formed friendships with Chidi, Tahani, Jason, Michael and Janet. Her constant sass has a way of making you laugh every time. 

Honorable mention to Kristen Bell’s other memorable character, Veronica Mars. 

Claire Browne (The Good Doctor)

From the very beginning of the show, Claire was my favorite character. She’s the sweetest and truly cares about her patients. Even though Claire went through a lot last season, she still managed to show how much she cared each time she was with a patient. I am hoping for season 4 that Claire gets a break — she deserves some happiness!

Her friendships are also another aspect I love about her. She has a way of interacting with each character, making you realize how much of a genuinely nice person she is. I especially love her friendship with Shaun — always treating him with respect. 

Sue Heck (The Middle)

Ah, this show was super underrated. Not only was it a funny show, but Sue was a good time to watch. She was, well, she was unapologetically Sue. No matter what, she was always positive and chose to see the best in everything. 

Her quirkiness was also the best. Not once was she ashamed of who she was, and I admire that. I’ve also been told that I am quite similar to her, which isn’t a bad thing. She was always true to herself. 

There are so many wonderful leading ladies on TV. Who are some of your favorites? Comment below or tweet me!

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