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‘The Snyder Cut’ #DCFanDome: 4 hours broken down in 5 thoughts

The Snyder Cut is finally upon us. I owe a great number of people an apology. I thought this was a pipe dream.  No number of petitions and complaining could grant life to an undone 4-hour film… or could it?

Watch the new Justice League: The Snyder Cut trailer:

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s dig in.

1. Hallelujah

Without having seen any new footage, we have already reached peak Zach Snyder. This backing track has to be one of the most deliciously pretentious moves to make. It is self-aggrandizing at its best. Snyder is saying “your prayers have been answered.” Someone gave me a butt-load of money to finish ‘the REAL’ Justice League.  You are welcome, comic book purists”. Calm down, okay? There is still a chance your movie is not great.


2. Darkseid

Yeah, all that crap you assumed and or were promised in the theatrical cut… it’s here! I appreciate that he spent no time putting the big bad on full display. I also appreciate that despite murky historical context and biases, he looks nothing like Thanos.

3. Kiersey Clemons!!!

This excitement is two-fold. On the front end, a talent actress is injected back into a movie after having all her scenes cut from the theatrical release. On the back end, maybe this also means more character development for Barry (The Flash is my favorite hero ever) and less being the socially inept comic relief. That being said, I pray they give Kiersey more to do than stare at Barry with the “come hither” eyes from Lion King.

4. Silas Stone Dead?!

Now, the good Dr. Miles Dyson has had ample time to step messing with technology beyond his understanding, but seeing him get de-atomized (or whatever happened there) leaves me with questions. Is the death of a major supporting character such a minuscule part of the over arching narrative that showing it in the trailer is of little consequence? If so, what IS this movie going to be?

5. The Speed Force?!

Guys, if Flash legitimately enters the speed force and it doesn’t look like a bunch of BS, I will stop the movie, and start from the beginning with my projector, just so I can get the full effect. I will be so hype.

Final Thoughts

This certainly looks like something different. I would hope that it actually pans out to be something good. The theatrical cut was a major disappointment. After the literal years of campaigns and smoke screens and rumors, to have “The Snyder Cut” be realized still feels like fantasy. Also, at 4 hours long, I want O excuses about Snyder’s vision. He better blow us all away!

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