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Breaking down The Batman trailer from #DCFanDome

The Batman has slowly morphed from a Ben Affleck lead and directed project into a Matt Reeves/Robert Pattison dynamic duo. Yes, that was an intentional allusion to Batman and Robin. For my entertainment value, I accept cash, credit. Watch the new The Batman trailer:

Just please don’t kill his parents in Crime Alley again… I’ve seen it!

1. Robert Pattinson in Action

Some of you owe Rob an apology. We, the people, demand said apology upfront and with fervor. The same heat everyone had for Ben Affleck just moved onto “the kids from Twilight”. Let me explain something to you:  Edward Cullen will throw hands. Cedric Digory is about that action. All hail Robert Bat-tinson!

Also, I feel those additional punches he throws once the man falls. It’s not needed, but you can tell that that night has already been “a night”. When he gets home, he’s going to ask Alfred for a Merlot and a bubble bath.

2. Bruce Wayne

Okay, all things being fair, I’m curious about this new portrayal of Bruce Wayne. Rob’s Batman looks on point and exciting, but his Bruce Wayne looks like a bit of a departure from what we are used to. I don’t see “billionaire playboy philanthropist”. I see someone in pain. This might be the beginning of the “gritty and realistic” showing that Batman v Superman thought they were serving.

3. Jim Gordon

:::climbs on soapbox:::

JEFFREY WRIGHT IS JIM GORDON AND I AM HERE FOR IT! DC has been casting black actors in roles of comic characters that are normally white (Black Canary, Catwoman, Perry White, Jim Gordon).  The “conversation” around the topic has been predictable. And since I have your attention, let’s be clear about something.

“Blackwashing” is not a thing. White washing is offensive for several reasons but maybe chief among them may be the fact that characters of color almost always have race/ethnicity/history/etc intrinsically tied to their character.

T’Challa is the king of an African nation that was never conquered by European nations. Sam Wilson faces racism from his own government around having a Black Captain America. Virgil Hawkins’ best friend’s father is a cop that is bias against low income minorities. All of these characters have a unique Black experience. If I missed the character defining, “Jim Gordon gets in touch with his Scottish roots” story line over the year, I apologize. #SorryNotSorry

:::climbs off of soapbox:::

4. Bat and the Furious

You cannot convince me that this is not Dominic Toretto. In fact, this Batmobile needs to be in the next Fast movie. I would love to see what foolishness Dom can get up to in an American muscle car with an actual rocket attached to the back. Wait, Bruce Wayne is the surprise cousin-in-law of Roman. He shows up to stop the combined forces of John Cena and Mr. Freeze and Voldemort. Yes, this is coming together nicely!

5. Makeup

Okay, help me out. From a practicality perspective, how and when does Bruce put the eye black on? I mean, if he is heading out for a nightly patrol, I get it. But, if he needs to respond in the moment, he’s definitely stuck, right? You can attack the annual Gotham Rich People Fundraiser and Bruce Wayne slips out to the bathroom to apply his eye shadow before he can don the cape and cowl.

Final Thoughts

I probably trust Bat-tinson more than most, and Matt Reeves has a constant green light from me ever since he masterfully wrapped his Planet of the Apes trilogy. The director knows action and how to weave an excellent story in between his explosions. I’m not predicting another The Dark Knight, but I would not be surprised if this receives that level of fanfare.

And yes, I mixed DC and Marvel characters earlier. It’s called respecting your audience’s intelligence and stepping outside of a box to prove a point! As you were, friends!

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