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‘Batman: Gotham Knights’ #DCFandome: 5 Scattered thoughts

Full disclosure, I am not a gamer. That being said, have you ever watched a trailer for a game outside your normal genre (:::cough::: Batman: Gotham Knights :::cough:::), but by the time it ends, you are itching to hand someone money so that you can play right now? No? So I’m alone in this? Fine!

Watch the new Batman: Gotham Knights trailer:

Still looking for that person that is supposed to take my money, but while I look, let’s digest!

1. Batman dead?

I’m sorry if I’m a bit skeptical, but is Batman REALLY dead? I understand that this seems to be in the inciting incident for the entire game, but really? No, like… REALLY? The game is called BATMAN: Gotham Knights.  You can’t have top billing in a game in which you are not even present. I would not be surprised if he is a playable character before the main campaign is complete. Speaking of playable characters…

2. The Bat Family

I do not know why it feels so exciting to see Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood share center stage, but it also feels well overdue. Each member of the Bat Family has their own dedicated fandom, so this feels like a safe way to appease everyone at once.

3. Superpowers?

Okay, correct me if I am wrong, but Robin goes invisible and Red Hood teleports in this trailer. I’m sure they will have some techno mumbo jumbo Lucius Fox styled explanation for this technology, but I hope it is not over done. There has be be some sort of parameters around these abilities, otherwise, I’d expect the Bat Family to have Gotham back in order before Alfred can prepare high tea.

4. Wait a Minute!!!

Was that Talon? Is this a Court of Owls game?! I can’t begin to put into words how much I need to see the Court of Owls hit the general populous (yes, they were in Gotham, but not everyone watched that show).  Imagine everything that people believe about the Illuminati, but all centered out of one city. That is the Court of Owls and Gotham. They are one of the best things in Batman’s rouges gallery and this feels like the first step into getting to see them on the big screen. Put Talon and the Court in a movie already, you cowards!

5. But again I ask…

Is Batman dead? I mean is he DEAD dead? Pushing up daisies? Six feet under? Walked into the white light? Insert additional euphemism as a question? It’s one thing to deliver a Batman game sans-Batman. The history and supporting characters are there to flesh the world out beyond Bruce Wayne. It is another thing entirely to introduce the Court of freaking Owls and not have Batman as a playable character. I believe there is comic continuity in which they were responsible for the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. They indirectly created Batman and they won’t be undone by Batman. Nope, I’m not buying it. Batman will be available in DLC at worst!

Final Thoughts

This looks great!  I believe that there is co-op involved, so you can tag team taking care of Gotham with a friend.  The character models are on point and I must reiterate: COURT. OF. OWLS!  Where do I hand over this money?!

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