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New ‘Tenet’ release date: Here are 5 films about time to hold you over

So the new Tenet release date/schedule is “interesting”. Stateside, only “select cities” will get the film on September 9. Internationally, select nations are getting the film up to two weeks earlier. I am absolutely besides myself with… I’m fine. 

It’s fine. I was not about to risk life and limb to catch this film in theaters or anything crazy like that. I’m not pressed to explore “time inversion”. In fact, while we are all patiently waiting for Tenet’s new release date, here are 5 “time” films to hold us over.

1. See You Yesterday


See You Yesterday follows two Black teen genius scientists, CJ and Sebastian, that have cracked time travel.  When CJ’s older brother Calvin is gunned down by police in a case of mistaken identity, CJ and Sebastian gear up for the ultimate test of their invention; save Calvin’s life. Imagine Back to the Future, but with a tablespoon of social commentary and sprinkles of Black Excellence to taste.

2. Happy Death Day


It’s Groundhog Day meets a comedy horror slasher. I’m sorry, but what part of that doesn’t sound like a win? Tree, our protagonist, is a sorority girl cursed to relieve her birthday, the day of her death, until she is able to capture her murderer. Blumhouse Productions is pretty hit or miss with their releases, but this one was the perfect mix of cheap scares and silly humor. The sequel wasn’t half bad, either!

3. About Time

About Time Movie GIF

Okay, let’s take a break from the life or death stakes for a moment. About Time is a charming, more simplistic, and heartwarming take on the effects of time travel. When Tim learns he can time travel, he does what he can, revisiting the past, to ensure he has a better future.

Side Note: Imagine, out of nowhere, your parent just sort of tells you that you have time travel powers. Now imagine the nice psych ward you took them to afterwards.

Additional side note: Rachel McAdams is in this movie; not Amy Adams. I do not believe that they look remotely alike. I confuse their names religiously regardless. Don’t judge me!

4. Terminator and T2


Okay, maybe I’m cheating, but I honestly could not pick between them. Absolutely amazing movies. Giant Austrian death robot travels back in time to stop the birth of humanity’s savior. In the sequel, same robot now becomes the protector of the aforementioned savior against newer, more deadly silly putty model.

5. Inception


As a card-carrying Nolan stan, I’m not sure there was any other way to wrap up this list. Inception is a heist movie, but the heist occur in the subconscious. Further, with multiple layers of dreams, it’s like a Russian nesting doll dreamscape.

Our heroes attempt to manipulate dreams to steal information without being caught, killed, or slipping into their own psychosis and limbo. It has amazing special effects and an ending that still has people arguing over its meaning a full decade later. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Wait a minute! Did Nolan make an entire movie based on the intro to Bohemian Rhapsody? Did I just get incepted?! ::cue Hans Zimmer horn:::

Final Thoughts


Yes, Tenet’s new release date is later than we would like, but that does not mean there is not excellence waiting to be consumed. I’m still anxiously anticipating Tenet in theaters, but there is plenty of time manipulation cinema to keep us distracted while we wait. These are just some of my favorite “time” movies off the top of my head.

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Will Maye

Will is a lifelong nerd and film fiend. He loves consuming cinema from rom-com to hard "R" action and everything in between. In the event of a movie lull, a good TV binge or YouTube rabbit hole are passable substitutes. When Will is not consuming media, he is creating it as an aspiring screenwriter, children's storybook author, and now: Pure Fandom scribe!

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