The save ‘Anne with an E’ petition reaches new numbers

Sign, sign, sign!

After the unceremonious cancellation of Anne with an E on Netflix, fans have rallied to save their show. The show, which immerses you in enough fresh and flowery farm aesthetics to field your daydreams, was also an unabashed celebration. Celebrating such concepts as ingenuity, inclusivity, singularity, and love. 

No wonder it’s cancellation has meant so much to so many. So much in fact, that the petition to save the show, possibly by another season on Netflix, or more likely a pick up from another streaming site, has almost hit one million signatures.

The show however did end on a rather hopeful note, the beloved ship Anne and Gilbert finally confessed their love with a passionate kiss. But Anne, who’s plucky and joyous attitude shines through despite her traumatic childhood, still has plenty of stories to tell.

Her various compelling relationships, the enormous honesty and appeal that’s given to each character, are just more reasons for a renewal. But the fact is, the fight to save Anne with an E is nowhere near over. If you haven’t already, sign this petition! 

Click here to help save the show!

Anne with an E
Netflix/Anne with an E

Anne with an E is based off a series of books titled Anne of Green Gables. This in turn welcomes fans of the book series as well as introduces new fans to this world by another media.

So, continue tweeting, hashtagging, and supporting the show! There’s still hope, she wouldn’t give up, so why should we?

You can watch the first three seasons of Anne with an E on Netflix!



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