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New ‘Project Power’ Trailer starring Jamie Foxx: 5 Scattered thoughts

Project Power is right on time! Netflix is doing its very best to keep the cinephiles of the world from going absolutely stir-crazy during quarantine. Having already delivered a brand-new Spike Lee joint, Da 5 Bloods (with an Oscar nomination worthy performance by Delroy Lindo), they are now serving Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a The Boys-esque platter,  and I promise, the trailer is even better than the pitch!

Watch the new Project Power trailer:

Why yes, directly into my eyeballs, please! Let’s dig into this.

1. The Pill

I have all of the questions. Can you really not control what power you get? That potentially blows! Sure, we see invisibility, or flame control, or ice control but what if you get something extra lame? Imagine ducking the police, risking life and limb to obtain one of these Power Pills, only to gain the ability to talk to fish… and only for 5 minutes. Yes, I would still probably do this… don’t judge me!

2. Invisibility

That dude is not invisible. I do not care what the in-universe justification will be.  I can see him.  They can see him! If he were trying to rob me, I could kick him in the shin with great accuracy.

3. Money Shot

Did they just shoot JGL in the face?! Wow! The slow-motion ripple from the impact looks outstanding. This is the type of film shot they normally reserve for the big snag at the very end of the trailer; the last idea they want to have rattling around in your head.  This shot happening mid-trailer leaves me to believe there is something even crazier in store for the actual film.

4. Dominique Fishback

I don’t know enough about this young actress’ work, but being able to play the Robin to Jaime Foxx’s Batman is no small feat. Also, I searched IMDB to find more info on her and the film. Huge plus? Courtney B. Vance is also in the film! Huge stomach turn? So is Machine Gun Kelly…

5. I’m Fine

I will bet anyone the smallest amount of money that Jaime had this line put into the film, but at least it gives us the impression that there will be some levity in the midst of all the explosions and gunfire. I guess a small ego boost never hurt anyone.

Final Thoughts

Thank the movie-deities-that-may-be that this is actually coming to streaming.  I’m already struggling because the new Chris Nolan film demands I risk Coronavirus in order to appreciate it fully.  This Project Power trailer looks incredible.  The story itself may not be anything new, but the presentation and acting look to be top notch. I cannot wait! 

This film is set to be released in the US on August 14, 2020 at 3am.



Will Maye

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