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New ‘Tenet’ trailer: 5 Scattered thoughts

Time travel is for the poor and uninspired. What's chic and now?! "Time inversion".

Master of time manipulation and alleged hater of chairs, Christopher Nolan has a new offering ready to hit theaters. Coronavirus be damned! Tenet, Nolan’s tenth major film release, stars John David Washington and Robert Pattinson. Early interviews with the cast suggest they may not have fully understood the film as they were shooting it, and after watching the Tenet trailer… I’m inclined to believe them. 

Watch the Tenet trailer:

Let’s dig into this for a bit.

1. John David Washington

I’m really here for the John David Washington era in Hollywood. While I’m sure having Denzel be your daddy is not the worst handicap, that has not stopped John David from carving his own lane. From Ballers to BlacKkKlansman and now Tenet, Washington is on a rise to demands respect; and speaking of respect, I also love that he never allows someone mention his Oscar-winning father without paying proper respect to his mother, Pauletta.

2. “From Christopher Nolan”

No, but seriously… once those words flash across the screen, I’m sold. Trailer over. Cut the lights, we can all go home early.

3. “Time Inversion”

“Time inversion” sounds like Christopher Nolan’s elitist way of announcing that he is above your myriad of unsophisticated “time travel” movies. :::Scoff::: Time travel is for the poor and uninspired. What’s chic and now?! “Time inversion”.

4. This Exchange

Pattinson: “What the hell happened here?”

Washington: “It hasn’t happened yet.”

Me: “Oooooooh… wait, what?!”

5. Crossover

While the combined forces of the internet know exactly diddly-squat about Tenet, it has not stopped people from supposing that it may, in some manner, be connected to Inception. I just can’t! If Leo’s ‘Cobb’ just came waltzing through a single frame of this movie, my brain would melt. How many PhDs do you think you’d need to genuinely walk away understating the Tenet/Inception surprise crossover film on a first watch?

Bonus: Pat-man

Until I see the actual movie, I cannot believe that Robert Pattinson is our next Batman. Edward Cullen is Batman. Cedric freakin’ Diggory is Batman! Wait… now that I say it out loud, someone needs to give Pattinson’s agent a raise. Harry Potter, Twilight, and now Batman? This man is franchise gold!

Final Thoughts

The marketing team for this film has made it painfully clear that they are not considering anything short of a wide-theater release. Between the murder hornets, re-surging COVID cases, and the surprise return of the “the black death”, I cannot say their effort will ultimately bear fruit. I am, however, 100% ready to be mesmerized and dumbfounded by whatever this movie is hiding. I need this movie in my bloodstream as soon as possible and may risk it all to see this… in a socially-distanced theater.

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