‘Arrow’ Postmortem: Here’s a list of fan fiction created after the finale

Fans are still passionately telling stories about Oliver and Felicity!

Fandom doesn’t die once the last episode airs. If you miss adventuring into the world of Oliver and Felicity, and all their possible shenanigans, this fan fiction list is for you. This list was written/updated since the Arrow finale! So don’t worry, Olicity still has plenty of stories to tell.

(I won’t let you) Slip Away


Summary: One single visit from the right person can lead to a lot of stuff —including tears, hugs, multiple existential crisis, the solving of past and present issues and the strangest sibling-bonding time ever. (Or, Felicity meets her adult children and learns a few things that might or might not make everyone’s future better).

Make Yourself Right At Home (stay as long as you need)

by: AlexiaBlackbriar13

Summary: The 6 times moira thought felicity was pregnant with oliver’s child and the 1 time she actually was.

faintest sunlights flee (about her shadowy sides)

by: AlexiaBlackbriar13

Summary: From the moment Oliver first walks into Felicity’s office, he knows that she’s not human. His body’s instinct is to be terrified of her. Despite his fear, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. Pulling her into the fray, Oliver must now attempt to solve the mystery of who and what Felicity is while saving the city, with the Undertaking looming on the horizon.

Everlasting Light

by: more0rLessJess

Summary: All Felicity Smoak wants is to make her own choices. All Lord Oliver Queen wants is to raise his son after spending nearly five years abroad to help restore his family reputation that he helped to destroy by having a child out of wedlock. When Felicity turns down a proposal from a titled Lord (since her family, while rich, isn’t titled) her father is livid. When Oliver shows no interest in marriage in order to have a legitimate heir, his father (The Duke of Starling) isn’t thrilled. Their solution? Marry their children to each other so each man can get what they want. Neither Felicity nor Oliver are happy about it in the slightest. But while it starts as something they’re forced into, it might just turn out to be the most freeing thing neither of them expected. Aka the historical arranged marriage Olicity AU.

we did not give up on love today

by: inlovewithimpossibility

Summary: But if there’s one thing that seven years fighting on a team of vigilantes and heroes has taught Felicity, it’s that you can never accept the outcome as it’s told to you. You have to fight, you have to hope, and you have to believe that as long as you have each other, things will turn out right in the end. So screw the Book of Oa. Felicity’s never really been one to believe in destiny anyway. [a s8-fix-it fic using elements drawn from the myth of orpheus]

keeping up with the smoak-queens: paradise dimension edition

by: AlexiaBlackbriar13

Summary: Because in the paradise dimension, when it comes to the mechanics of souls and sex and making babies… literally anything can happen. And literally anything DOES happen.

an adventure like no other

by: inlovewithimpossibility

Summary: During their road trip in the summer of 2015, it’s not food poisoning that ails Felicity in Thailand, but it’s not helping the team either. It seems their road trip bliss has carried Oliver and Felicity away and now they’re facing an adventure they were never expecting. [a post-s3/s4 canon divergence, unplanned pregnancy fic]

[B L I N K]

by: andachippedcup

Summary: When Barry runs back in time, his meddling accidentally alters the timeline in an unforeseen way, causing Felicity to be struck by lightning instead of Barry on the night of the particle accelerator explosion. As Felicity lies in a coma, Barry informs a distraught Oliver that when she awakes, Felicity may have speedster abilities. Oliver must now protect Felicity from those who would do her harm – and from herself when she awakes to superhuman powers she is unable to control.

Up in Flames


Summary: When Squad lieutenant Oliver Queen is called to his best friend’s burning bar, he doesn’t expect to find someone inside that will change his life forever.

The Felicity Smoak Diaries

by: inlovewithimpossibility

Summary: When Felicity Smoak starts a YouTube channel in tandem with her best friend, Caitlin Snow, as primary research for her thesis project, she has no idea what it will grow into. It becomes a diary of a year of her life, documenting family, friends, and her changing relationship with a man called Oliver Queen. A lizzie bennet diaries olicity au.

Kaleidoscope Heart

by: andachippedcup

Summary: After the Queen’s Gambit sinks, Oliver wakes up in the hospital and learns that he is the yacht’s sole survivor. As he struggles to heal physically and emotionally, he finds himself floundering until another patient befriends him: an often obnoxious but well intentioned kid named Bee, who constantly sneaks into Oliver’s room to demand Oliver tell her a story. Grasping for something entertaining to tell the girl, Oliver invents a vigilante hero he names ‘The Green Arrow’. As Oliver weaves his tale, both he and Bee progress and relapse in their recoveries; all the while, the fictional hero of Oliver’s tale is making leaps and stumbles of his own.

A Very Awkward, Very Angst Filled Dinner for Four

by: blondeeoneexox

Summary: A Season 5 re-write in which Oliver and Felicity end up on a double date, but not with each other.

Bluebeard’s Castle

by: SmoakingGreenArrow

Summary: You (Netflix) AU: Joe meets Felicity and becomes obsessed. One night, while watching her apartment, he sees the vigilante sneaking out of her window. Believing he has to protect Felicity, Joe kidnaps and locks her in the book storage room. Of course, what Joe doesn’t realize is that the vigilante is Felicity’s boyfriend. And he’ll do just about anything to get her back.

Back to You

by: JMoonrise

Summary: She was supposed to be in the afterlife, not wherever here was. Now she’s got figure out how to navigate life in another universe and discover what the deal with her husband/not husband is.

Arrow 2070: The Future Is Now

by: darkwingj

Summary: After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. He returned home to Star City to save his city from crime lords and monsters for seven years he did and along the way he was joined by Felicity Smoak who he eventually married. But one fateful day it all changed.

On the Outside Looking In

by: imfallingforyoureyes102

Summary: A home for one-shots, drabbles, and ficlets that explore Oliver and Felicity’s anything and everything from the outside looking in. A re-writing of their friendship, romance, arguments, and kisses – of their board meetings, holiday work parties, and midnight dances in the refrigerator light – from the perspective of others, including the Queen Matriarch herself.

Always Been You

by: SmoakingGreenArrow

Summary: On Oliver’s last night in Starling, Tommy throws him a yacht party. When his little sister and her best friend show up, Oliver has a hard time hiding the torch he’s always carried for Felicity. But he’s leaving in the morning…
They both know it can only be a one time thing…

Fallen Angel

by: cfcureton

Summary: Oliver and Felicity’s happiness in Starling City is disrupted when John Diggle asks for Oliver’s help on a case. What they uncover will threaten the couple’s relationship and both their lives.

The Line ||

by: Vixx2pointOh

Summary: Felicity Smoak is no one special.  Her life is simple, her job pays the bills, and she prefers it that way.  But, when her roommate goes missing and no one is prepared to look for her, Felicity embarks down a path she might not easily come back from… if at all. It’s a path that puts Felicity directly in the crosshairs of the Cártel de la Sangre, and ultimately into the arms, and bed, of the very man who might have the answers, Oliver Queen.  He’s bad news with pale eyes and a devil’s smile that hides a world of secrets, while she reminds him of innocence and of everything he lost to become who he is. Set into the dark backdrop of drugs, sex, and murder, both of these strangers are willing to cross lines in search of the truth.  But at what cost? 

1 7 2 2

by: Vixx2pointOh

Summary: There wasn’t a single part of the idea stirring in her head that wouldn’t have been considered by a logical person as thoroughly ridiculous. But Felicity didn’t want logic; She wanted adventure. In search of that adventure, Felicity embarks on a journey where hers isn’t the only life she’ll change.

Paper Rings

by: ramblesandbabbles

Summary: The first sign she got was six weeks after that infamous night at the bunker. The second sign was four weeks after that, when she put on her favorite skirt and it refused to zip all the way up. The third sign was at her favorite cafeteria, when they got her order wrong. The fourth and final sign happened just a few days later when she was cleaning her bathroom cabinet and saw an unopened box of tampons. One that had been there for months. In which Oliver and Felicity have to deal with the consequences of their little slip-up in the bunker.

Baby Daddy

by: more0rLessJess

Summary: Bartender Oliver Queen was living his twenties to the fullest, he lived with his best friend John Diggle, and his brother in everything but blood, Tommy Merlyn just moved in to their apartment as he started his professional baseball career for the Starling City Rockets. On top of that, his childhood best friend Felicity Smoak, who was no longer goth and instead blonde and beautiful, was back in town and they were hanging out again. Oliver thought his days were going to be filled with partying, one night stands, and boys weekends while also spending quality time with the girl everyone kept telling him he was in love with. Until his ex girlfriend dropped a baby on his doorstep who turned out to be his son. After a lot of thought and Felicity Smoak pep talks, Oliver decides to keep and raise his son with the help of his friends. Or the AU fic inspired by the Freeform sitcom Baby Daddy that no one asked for but I needed to write. Aka Oliver and Felicity are childhood friends and are hopelessly in love with each other and everyone knows but them, oh and now they’re raising a baby. What could go wrong?

Caught in the Rapture

by: Bindy417

Summary: AU. Being the daughter of a ruthless and notorious crime lord, Felicity Smoak didn’t think her life could get any worse. When her father unexpectedly sells her in marriage as a peace offering to his enemy, she quickly learns it’ll take more than just her sharp intellect to survive. But what starts out as a sentence worse than death may actually be her only shot at freedom.

Pink Fluffy Unicorns

by: griever11

Summary: Felicity’s new apartment had been a steal. It’s in a good neighborhood, has a great amount of space and the rent is so affordable she hardly believes it. So of course, there’s a catch. Her neighbour. He’s a huge fan of late night parties and really loud, distasteful music, which only means one thing: constant interruption of her precious beauty sleep. She immediately hates him on principle, but unfortunately for her, he’s also really, really hot.

Like Real People Do

by: more0rLessJess

Summary: Felicity Smoak has had a rough couple of years and all she wants to do is move on with her life and start her own tech company. After an incident at Queen Consolidated, she quit and accepted a job working as a technical analyst and computer expert at the Starling City Police Department, where she’s stuck for at least another year thanks to the non-compete clause she signed in her Queen Consolidated contract. But as much as she’d rather be in the tech world, she does love being able to help others. Plus she gets to do that with the help of a certain Detective, who she may or may not be attracted too. Oliver Queen just finished five years in the Army Special Forces and is only working as an SCPD Detective because his best friend and fellow soldier, John Diggle, said it would be good for him to help pull his life together after years of hardships in the military. Oliver expected to hate the job, but what he never expected was meeting the IT girl with a heart of gold and her own demons to deal with. Captain Quentin Lance just wants a functioning police department.

key lime pie

by: imfallingforyoureyes102

Summary: The Queen Matriarch watches as Oliver’s gaze subconsciously tracks the whipped cream on Felicity’s lips, and then he’s moving, casually reaching over and swiping the rest of the dessert from her mouth before bringing his thumb up to his own lips. He licks the sugar off of his finger, not faltering in the slightest as he nods along to whatever Mr. Jameson is saying. (Or, at a charity gala meant to be gathering donations to help fund a Youth Clinic in the Glades, Moira, Diggle, and a few cheery businessmen get to witness the sheer lack of awareness Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak have when it comes to understanding just who they are to each other. As Diggle puts it, it’s infuriating, really).

No Grave Can Hold My Body Down (i’ll crawl home to her)

by: more0rLessJess

Summary: Felicity doesn’t understand why everyone’s so willing to accept Oliver’s gone. There was no body, and in their world that meant there was hope. Because a world without her husband, without the father of her children, is a world she refused to accept. Her refusal, and everyone else’s acceptance, lead to hope. For her life, for her future. For her family. Aka the post series finale fix it that I rage wrote right after watching 8×10. Also I might’ve taken the Dark Knight ending. I’m sorry (not really).

How Far the Dark Goes

by: EnigmaticPerfection

Summary: CEO Felicity Smoak might have a target on her back. Still she feels she doesn’t need personal security. While investigating on her own the attempt on her life, she meets Oliver Queen, one of her new bodyguards. He is as kind and thoughtful as he is dark and lethal, and Felicity realizes the real, complex mystery is him. Meanwhile Oliver can’t help but wonder if his new, stealthy client is a cyber terrorist. And yet he sees himself determined to go to hell and shatter the remains of his soul to protect her. Secrets and sins clash as boundaries between professional and private get blurred.

Lonely Hearts Club

by: CSM

Summary: AU. Oliver Queen needs a nanny for his 8 month old son William and hires Felicity Smoak, who just so happens to be his childhood best friend and first love who he has not seen in 15 years.

Under Pressure

by: CSM

Summary: Much like the rest of the world the Smoak-Queen family is stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, trying to navigate this new normal is less than ideal with a streaking toddler, and overly adventurous 5 year old and their oldest a freshman in college. Not to mention Felicity is 5 months pregnant with twins and she really just wants some time with her husband.

Nothing They Can Handle

by: andachippedcup

Summary: When Felicity and Oliver agree to have a girls night/guys night with Iris and Barry they have no idea what they’re in for. As the night devolves into discussions regarding their sex lives, Iris gets an earful and Barry asks Oliver for some advice.

You’re Not Alone (Neither Are You)

by: MagusLibera

Summary: When a virus shakes up the world, Astronaut Oliver Queen finds himself stuck on the ISS, unable to get home. Lucky for him, Computing Specialist Felicity Smoak is stuck at NASA and has been assigned to communicate with him.

The STEM Princess

by: manar19

Summary: Prince Oliver of Starling comes home from war after five long years. He meets Felicity Smoak, a beautiful, bubbly, blonde hell bent on helping the world with her tech. They fall in love, but what happens when there is a conspiracy to destroy Starling? And how will Oliver keep his family and his people safe?

Painting with Appositives

by: bushlaboo

Summary: Another way Felicity Smoak joins team Arrow, but with a magical realism bent.

salvation (in our own paradise)

by: inlovewithimpossibility

Summary: The Society is a strict place to be. Since the Omniscient took power they’ve proven to everyone that all human activity can be boiled down to science. All processes and movements are merely chemical reactions to be solved and reverse engineered. The human man is worth so much more, if only the soul is properly controlled. There is no space for feelings in The Society. Love is preordained. Your mate found by an algorithm and your activities strictly monitored by rules and regulations. Even the Omniscient and their Society can’t deny the bubble of ancient magic within the roots of their civilization. And when Felicity Smoak finds a tattoo on her skin, the like of which she’s only heard of in legend, hours after meeting the mysterious, guarded Oliver Queen, she finds herself in for one hell of a ride.

earnestly yours

by: Bre

Summary: Set between 2×10 and 2×11. Felicity falls off the Starling City docks during a mission and Oliver has to get her warm.

Santa’s Daughter

by: beggsyboo

Summary: Felicity is Santa’s daughter and she wants to take over the family business. But before she can do that, her father says she must turn the person with the angriest heart and turn him into a believer of magic, love and Christmas.
Oliver Queen has become tired, angry, and joyless after spending 5 years earning his MBA and then trying to save his family’s legacy by becoming a ruthless businessman after his father passed away. Can Felicity bring some Christmas cheer into Oliver’s life?

Felicity Queen

by: MillieR

Summary: Oliver finds out Felicity can dance and finds it hard to control himself and can’t keep his hands off her, but he has to because she’s with Ray now after he pushed her away.

Healing in the Aftermath

by: lrjheartsolicity

Summary: What I imagine life would be like for Felicity and the kids in the time between Arrow and Green Arrow and The Canaries. Healing from such a significant loss is a never-ending process and this was my imagination of what theirs would look like.

The Christmas Con

by: spaztronaut

Summary: In order to convince his parents and his ex that he’s changed, Oliver Queen hires a stranger to be his girlfriend for the holidays. Felicity Smoak is as far from his type as possible, with her dark hair and attitude problem, but a bottle of hair dye and a new wardrobe—not to mention the money he’s promised—can do wonders, and if he plays his cards right this whole thing might actually work.

Accidentally Engaged

by: cruzrouge

Summary: When unsuccessful cinema tech pioneer slash actress Felicity returns to her hometown for a wedding and tries to impress her old friends by claiming she’s dating big time celebrity and VP of his family’s company Oliver Queen, she suddenly finds herself in a comically false engagement when her lies go public Oliver decides to join the festivities in a stunt to escape bad press.

oh feel our bodies grow and our souls they play

by: webbythyme

Summary: Felicity dreamed of the day she met her soulmate. She thought she’d be older, established in her life. Not now, not at eleven and definitely not to Oliver Queen who she is pretty sure doesn’t even know how to smile Or: The first time you touch your soulmate, it appears where you touched and now Felicity is stuck with Oliver Queen for the rest of her life.

You’ve Gotten Into My Bloodstream

by: Bre

Summary: My collection of (mostly) alternate universe meetings/fics featuring Oliver and Felicity, ranging from tattoos to Bratva to best friends to actors to college to ghosts to exes meeting up again to vampires and werewolves.

The Legend of the Snowmen

by: WinterJoy

Summary: Felicity believes in the legend of the snowmen. Oliver had never heard of such a thing. Now he has a new way to show Felicity how important she is to him. Glimpses into the snowmen made during each season of Arrow.

fall into your gravity

by: andachippedcup

Summary: A Return to the “Broken Bones, Mended Hearts” Universe: After getting released from Starling General Hospital, life for Felicity Smoak & Oliver Queen has been good. They’re both healthy, their careers are thriving, and they’re expecting a baby soon. While Oliver is gone on a business trip, he asks Donna to stay with Felicity for company. Every night, the couple count down the days until they’re reunited and they read a bedtime story to their unborn child together.

From Russia with Love

by: griever11

Summary: Rookie FBI Agent and resident IT extraordinaire Felicity Smoak has just landed the assignment of a lifetime. Together with Supervisory Senior Agent Diggle, she returns to Starling City undercover in an attempt to flush out the elusive Odessa gang that has been a thorn in the Bureau’s side for many years. Leader of the Russian mob Oliver Queen stumbles upon a piece of information that unfortunately requires a certain set of hacking skills that no one he knows seems to possess. Lucky for him, he comes across an unusual criminal hacker who has mysteriously turned up in Starling and funnily enough, seems just right for the job. How’s that for perfect timing?

Things That Cannot Be Unseen

by: MagusLibera

Summary: William loves having Felicity around all the time, now that she has moved in with them. What he does not love is walking in on her and his father when they are… busy.

sweating our confessions

by: callistawolf

Summary: On the heels of failed relationships, Oliver and Felicity meet and become close friends almost immediately. There’s also a heaping dose of sexual attraction for both of them. Can they scratch their respective itches while maintaining the friendship? The bigger question should be: can they sleep together without falling in love and risking the best friendship either of them has ever had?

Honey, Let’s Kidnap the Kids

by: WinterJoy

Summary: William and Mia are kidnapped from the foot of their father’s statue. Who took them? Could this just be a strange way to start a family reunion? A canon-compliant 8×09 fix-it fic.

When the Lights Are Down

by: EnigmaticPerfection

Summary: A lawyer and a tech executive, two workaholics on the top of their fields who dislike each other but not much that it matters to their lives. Except their meddling Executive Assistants think differently. And, considering they find themselves isolated together, so does fate. The blackout is just the beginning.

Time in a Bottle

by: MaryESP

Summary: Being woken by a call from Digg telling her, “Just leaving the manor. We’ll pick you up in 30 minutes,” was confusing enough. Waking in her old apartment? That was pretty trippy, yeah, but what REALLY threw her was how normal her boobs felt. She’s going to kill Barry. Or the Monitor. Or whoever the FRAK did this.

You Are Perfection (My Only Direction)

by: manar19

Summary: Oliver becomes the Spectre, the most powerful being in the entirety of the universe. And he decides he doesn’t want to wait 20 years to see Felicity. Who is going to stop him from going back to his family?


Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to stay informed! Olicity surely is, and they’re in a paradise dimension. Also, abundant thanks to @Paigeota for all the gifs!



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